Revisiting Unanswered Questions from the World of Avatar

So tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of The Legend of Korra. There are four episodes left in the series, then it will be over forever. No more new episodes from the land of Avatar.

That said, there will still be comics and things like that. A new comic from Avatar: The Last Airbender is scheduled to debut next year, which I’m pretty excited about. I’ve never read any of the comics, but with the end of the series, I think it’s time I get into them.
So with Korra coming to an end, I thought I would revisit a list of unanswered questions from Avatar and Korra that I wrote back in January after the end of Book Two. Many of them have already been answered, but more questions have also developed and I’m eager to see how they wrap everything up in the last few episodes.

[also this post will possibly contain spoilers if you’re not caught up yet so this is your warning.]
1.       For goodness sake, what happened to Zuko’s mother?

A: Explained in the comics, which I did not know about until recently because I have not read the comics. But I read the story on Wikipedia.

2.       Who does Zuko marry?

A: Still a mystery, though I’ve pointed out before that his daughter does have Mai’s chin.

3.       What is his daughter’s name?

A: Izumi. Which strangely sounds like Azula to me.

4.       Why have we not seen him in TLOK?

A: He came in hot during Book Three of Korra. Which was literally the best surprise ever.

5.       Who is Lin Beifong’s father?

A: Still unknown, but I’m hopeful that we will learn this in the next episode.
Maybe Toph just reproduced asexually?

Update: as of epsiode 4.10, we have learned that his name is Kanto.

6.       How did Lin get her scars?

Lin *gif*
A: Explained in Book Three of Korra. (Honestly I thought the story would be a bit more interesting than this, but I did appreciate it nonetheless. I’m a sucker for flashbacks.)

7.       The show tells us that during the time of Wan, there were at least a dozen lion turtles, but all but one of them have been hunted down by the time of Aang. This sole surviving lion turtle possesses the power of energy bending. So…what kinds of bending techniques did all the others have?
A: No idea. Book Two of TLOK makes it seem like there were only four, for the four main elements. So…perhaps just a continuity error?

8.       Also, how does one go about hunting down a lion turtle?
A: I really don’t know, especially since they were large enough for whole civilizations to live on. You’d have to use some bombs or something.

9.       How does what we learn in TLOK about lion turtles bestowing bending powers correlate with what we learn in ATLA about people learning bending through the moon/sky bison/badgermoles/dragons?

A: This could again be a continuity issue, but the way I rationalize it is that the lion turtles gave people the ability to bend, but they learn how to tap in and use that ability by watching the animals. Just like the Avatar is born with the ability to bend all the elements, but he or she still has to find masters and learn techniques in order to properly bend those elements.

10.   Why/How does Jinora have brown eyes?
A: I don’t have an official answer to this, but I can make a pretty good guess, because I doubt they’ll get into the technical details like this one on the show. In The Last Airbender, we saw how divided the nations were. Every type of bender was in their own little area of the world and they each looked a different way. Earth benders had green eyes, water benders had blue eyes, etc. But Republic City changed that. Benders started marrying benders outside their own type. That’s why many of the pro-benders seen in Book One might have blue eyes, but be an earth bender. Aang created Republic City and Tenzin’s family is his legacy, so the creators gave them four children with the four different eye colors of the nation, symbolizing all the nations coming together. Genetically, Tenzin had genes from both the Air Nomads and Southern Water Tribe, so this just means that Pema has genes from the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

11.   Do Sokka and Suki ever get married? Do they have any children?

A: All we know is that they moved to the suburbs, which was stated in an interview with Bryke that I for the life of me cannot find now. It doesn’t sound much like Sokka and Suki to me and I wish they had given us a bit more information, but maybe they were planning on addressing it for the finale and were avoiding giving out spoilers.

[Oh my goodness I just read a theory that Suki is Firelord Izumi’s mother and I can’t believe I’ve never considered this before…!]

12.   Does Sokka’s ever get his space sword back?

A: I doubt this will be addressed.

13.   Did boomerang ever come back?

A: I also doubt this will be explicitly stated, thought I will point out that Sokka’s statue that was seen in the earlier seasons shows him with his boomerang. Of course he always could have made or found a new one?

14.   Did Aang carve Katara a new engagement necklace, or did he let her keep her mother’s?

A: No real answer on this one. A lot of people think that the necklace she wears in TLOK is not the same one, but there’s no real proof either way.

15.   Does Tahno’s pale skin mean that he’s descended from swamp benders?

A: Still a mystery.
16.   Did Korra ever give Tahno his bending back?
A: There has literally been zero mention of Tahno since Book One, and I doubt they’ll bring him up again since we’re so close to the finale. So there’s no way of knowing this.

17.   What happens to Longshot and Smellerbee?
A: I also don’t think we’ll learn this, unless it somehow comes into play with someone’s wife/baby daddy.

18.   How are certain individuals that are not the Avatar–like Iroh and Jinora–able to enter the spirit world and have such a deep connection with the spirits?

A: I think it just varies from person to person.

19.   What happens to Azula?
A: Probably better explained in the comics, which I know she is in. Since she’s in the comics we can discount the theories I’ve heard that she commits suicide at the end of ATLA. But there hasn’t been any mention of her in TLOK.

20.   More about Mako and Bolin’s childhood and how they grew up bending separate elements even though they are brothers.
A: I would still love to hear more about their childhood, but we got to meet their father’s family in Book Three and I think that’s about as much as we can ask for. As with the bending separate elements, it goes back to what I was saying with Tenzin’s kids and how the nations have become more united than they were in ATLA.

21.   What happened to the Dai Lee when Azula banished them?

A: They were in the Earth Kingdom in Book Three of TLOK, so we can assume that they returned after Azula was taken out of power.

22.   When/How did Appa die?

Little Appa and Aang
A: Not sure I really want to know this one.

23.   Where did all the sky bison come from in TLOK? Aren’t they supposed to be extinct?
A: I think we’re just not supposed to question this. Like with the lemurs, I think more were found to be alive after the events in ATLA. TLOK, they have been shown to be both wild and being raised by humans. Honestly, I’m not complaining so much about the lack of explanation because those baby bisons are just so cute.

Update: I don’t remember where I heard this (probably in Book 4 commentary), but the bison in Korra are a different species than Appa, which can be seen from slight color differences (like brown ears instead of white ears).


1. How Did Korra meet Naga?

2. Is Zuko’s dragon the last of its kind?

3. Are all the new airbenders descended from the original air nomads that we saw with Wan?

4. If Kya never married, why does she wear a betrothal necklace?

5. Who is Su Yin’s father?

6. Will Korra ever reconnect with her past lives?

7. What side is Zhu Li really on?
Zhu Li!
Update: In episode 4.10, we learned that she is not loyal to Kuvira and was willing to risk her life to fight against her.

8. Why is this bison so sick?
(I heard a theory it’s because of the spiritual unbalance.)

Really now where the hell they think their going on this sick bison, poor thing. #LOK #Opal #Lin #Beifong #Bolin ?Who's bison is this anyways? Got a feeling it's #Kai's
Update: In epsiode 4.10, we learn that his name is “Juicy” and it was implied that he’s always been this way. He belongs to Opal.


Korra/Mako? Bolin/Opal? Korra/Asami? Jinora/Kai? Iron/Asami? Mako/Asami? Bolin/Asami?
we need answers, I tell you!
Legend of Korra: team avatar hugs!

bolin and opal
Legend of Korra: Iroh and Asami... I ship it. I like it. She deserves someone. Although it would be adorable if she could somehow come to love Bolin.

That’s all the questions off the top of my head but I will maybe add to this as we get closer to the finale. Do you guys have any questions that I missed?


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