The Search // Book Review

I have read my first graphic novel, and surprise!–it was from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
(just kidding no one is surprised at all.)
I loved reading this. I was worried that it would be boring or that it wouldn’t flow right, either because I’m used to experiencing Avatar as a television show or because I’ve never read any comics before in my life, but none of that was the case. It went by so quickly, the artwork was gorgeous, and the characters and story captured the magic that is in the show. I couldn’t have been happier with it.
So, The Search. This takes place after The Promise, or roughly two years after the last episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.
And it focuses on Zuko, Azula, Katara, and Sokka finding out what happened to Zuko’s mother, Ursa
And I love the way that the graphic novel tied in so many things from the show, like how we find out that Ursa had been a part of “Love Amongst the Dragons” when she was younger.
Spoiler zuko avatar the last airbender ember island players Ursa The Search the search spoilers Ikem Love Amongst The Dragons aww
Spoiler zuko avatar the last airbender ember island players Ursa The Search the search spoilers Ikem Love Amongst The Dragons aww I
I wanted to make a list of my favorite parts of the the graphic novel, but they will contain spoilers, so be aware!

Favorite Moments:
5) Azula
I absolutely loved seeing Azula’s mind unhinged. She constantly bounced back and forth between being crazy and calm, which was beautifully portrayed in the artwork. There’s a lot going on with her and her relationship with her mother, so I’m glad that the story focused on that a lot.
4) Zuko’s Identity Crisis
This was a nice inclusion, I thought. Even though it ended up not being true, it was interesting to see how this would have affected Zuko.
3) Mother of Faces
She was SO BEAUTIFUL and creepy and wonderful and yes, I’m a fan.
2) Blue Spirit Mask
This was such a small, but amazing thing. I still have chills.
1) Ursa
Ursa from 'The Search'
We find out SO MUCH ABOUT URSA and her backstory. I never knew that marrying Ozai wasn’t her choice–that explains so much! I never realized that she grew up apart from the royal family. In the show, you don’t see much of her personality, so I absolutely loved learning more about her. And the reunion with Zuko in the end gave me all the feels.

Overall, a solid four stars. I was really impressed by this, but there were just a few parts that I think could have been improved or abbreviated. Overall, though, it was great. No major complaints.
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