Saga, vol. 1 + The Many Selves of Katherine North + Dark Matter + Waking Gods // Mini Reviews (sci-fi edition)

I’ve apparently been on a bit of a sci-fi kick lately, which doesn’t happen to me very often. After reading and not liking Ender’s Game back in 2014, I realized that I just don’t really like science fiction. (At least not in book form. I’ll watch movies about space travel and lab experiments all day long.) It’s been a few

Nimona + Everything Leads to You + Sleeping Giants // Mini Reviews

Nimona // Noelle Stevenson I set out to read this book after hearing Kristina Horner rave about how awesome it is. It didn’t disappoint. Short Synopsis: Mysterious, rambunctious shapeshifter becomes sidekick to notorious villain who actually has a heart of gold. Format: paperback (graphic novel) Overall Feeling: overwhelming endearment and adoration. I just can’t explain how great this book is.