I hate magical realism.

I like contemporary. I’m not denying that. I definitely lean that way, but I’ve also enjoyed quite a few fantasies. I’m able to enjoy fantasies. But when the two collide, I find it revolting. Magical realism is a genre of fiction where something extraordinary occurs in an otherwise perfectly normal or mundane setting. The scene opens with Joe brushing his

10 “new to the queue” books.

I know I just did a post like this last month, but I’ve added a lot of books to my tbr thanks to many deals from Amazon and renewed interest in Star Wars. (Most of them are graphic novels because apparently that’s all I have time for these days.) This post is also inspired by Jamie’s “new the the queue”

I Dare You // Book Tag

Huge thanks to SW at A Free Mind for tagging me! Rules: 1) You must be honest 2) You must answer all the questions 3) You must tag at least 4 people 1. Which Book Has Been On Your Shelf The Longest? I honestly don’t know. My best guess is my copy of Peter Pan, which I read in 6th grade.