Beautiful Books #2 // NaNo 2015

Click the button for more information! Is the book turning out how you thought it would be, or is it defying your expectations?  I’m…not sure. It’s taking so long to move between major scenes. It’s 90% arguing between two characters, 8% flashbacks, and 2% explanation over what is actually happening to them. What’s your first sentence (or paragraph)? I left

NaNoWriMo Tag 2015

Hey guys! Kristina Horner on YouTube started this tag, so I thought I’d make a video for it. =) I have like 0 experience with making videos, so forgive me if this isn’t very good. Also I’m sorry that it’s ridiculously long. Original tag: The Questions:1. How many times have you done NaNoWriMo?2. How did you first find out