Day Eighteen // currently: 31,436 words

Week three has come.

I have only written 61 words today, due to having to complete that research paper that is due tomorrow. And I only managed to write 1,000 or so words yesterday.

Week Two = suffering from discouragement due to my crappy writing.
Week Three = suffering from complete lack of motivation to write.

I’m still slightly ahead, though. And I still have time to get my word count up for today, so I have not given up hope.


I will leave you with the last scene that I wrote yesterday:
(P.S. please remember that this is a first draft)

“I thought he said we would have a different task,” Rae yelped.
“We don’t even know what he had to do last time,” Sash replied, nodding reassuringly.
Mylan mumbled something that nobody managed to catch. They all took half a step forward and craned their necks to isolate their hearing.
“What did you say?” Zohar whispered desperately.
Mylan’s eyes flicked to him, then over to Sash, then to Rae. His lips were still trembling.
“D-did they sting you?”
Rae shook her head, surprised at the question. “No.”
His shoulders did not relax. His eyes went back to Sash, who raised his hands before him in innocence. “They didn’t touch me.”
He then looked at Zohar, who stared back at him in silence for a few very long seconds. Finally, he answered, “No.”
Mylan’s breaths slowed down to normalcy, but his muscles were still tense.
“Mylan,” Rae said hesitantly, “what did Makani mean? What is the task?”
His eyes fell down like he had been shot; his chest heaved under the weight of the words. Pain climbed upon his back.
“The Sershii didn’t kill my mother,” he admitted. His voice was strained and both of his hands rose and cupped around his eyes, catching a sob.
“I don’t understand…Mylan, what happened?”
He sniffed and wiped at his eyes, but it did little to stifle the leak.
“It was me,” he said, looking up at Rae. “I—I killed her.”

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