Day Fifteen // currently: 26,357 words

23,643 more to go.
I’m officially over the halfway point.

There are now less words to be written than have been written.
Keep repeating it, Emily

Week two is over! Thank the Lord. The beginning of the week was awful. The middle of the week was awful because I was on a huge chapter and nothing was really happening. Yesterday, however, I wrote 2,400 words. It was crazy and awesome and I wish I could do that every day. I actually had to physically pull my fingers away from the keys so I could study for a test I had this morning.

So, what’s been happening? in life, in the novel?

I managed to clean my room this week! That was a big triumph.
I came up with an idea for my Final Project in my Romanticism class.
I took two tests…no word yet on how those went.
I came up with a topic and checked out a book for my Structure paper.
…which is due Tuesday and has not been started yet. Oops.

As for the novel? Well, I’ve been a bit discouraged. As I’m doing fine on quantity, there’s a fine lack of quality going around. And I know that’s okay, that that’s kind of the point of NaNo, but it is really getting to me. I keep wanting to share an excerpt with you guys, but literally none of it is ready to be seen by another human.

But some highlights:

  • I’m currently on Chapter Ten, which may actually be Chapter Eleven if I decide to split an earlier chapter.
  • I’m currently on page 50.
    • (that’s with my adjusted settings. If I put it in Times New Roman, 12 point font, single-spaced, 1 inch margins, I’m on page 59.)
  • Rae finally knows the truth about Mylan. (Squeak!)
    • …well, at least the part about him saving her in the first chapter. There are many, many things she has not figured out yet.
  • Rae, Mylan, Sash, and Zohar have finally started their quest to find Avarielle.
  • I got to introduce the Kan’proxsershii yesterday…which are more or less big, gruesome gargoyle/vampire creatures.
  • Zohar may or may not have been infected by one of them…it remains to be seen.

Some troubles:

  • I’m having a difficult time having Rae connect with anyone other than Sash.
  • I’m really considering going back and rewriting the whole thing in a different perspective. Something isn’t flowing right…and I think it’s my omniscient narrator. I feel I write better in first person, but I don’t know how I would do it with this story.
  • My vocabulary is the most limited thing ever and I’m a terrible writer/English major.
  • My plot becomes extremely fuzzy after this point. I had the first half pretty lined out, but this next half is kind of a mystery.
  • Even if I do make it to 50,000 words, I have a feeling that I’m not going to reach the end of the story. Which is technically okay, but still stressful.
  • My school life has fallen to the wayside and I don’t even care…but I’m not sure whether this is the fault of NaNo or just plain senioritis.
  • Also, I’m glad the group has finally left Lux, but I’m really going to miss scenes with Channery.
I realize I haven’t given you guys a synopsis yet, unless you’ve gone to my page on the NaNo website and looked it up there. I’ve been waiting until I can formulate a better one, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, so I’m just going to copy and paste the synopsis I have there:
Her name means “into the light,” and that is exactly the kind of life that Eraelyn’s parents had planned for her. But upon her birth, her golden-blood revealed her to be a proxii–the children chosen to act like surrogates for the Earth’s corruption. To be a proxii was long ago thought to be a great honor, but times have changed, and now it is seen as a curse.
Eraelyn is now fifteen years old, which is the most common age of death for the proxii. When Mylan, a boy from a distant village, finds her after a mountain-climbing accident, he rushes her to a medical center, but learns that the proxii are forbidden from medical care. Mylan secretly smuggles Eraelyn across the border and to his home village.
The attempts to revive Eraelyn seem to have little effect, however, and Mylan learns that the only one that can heal her is the guardian of life, Avarielle. Together, Mylan, Eraelyn, and a few companions travel to find Avarielle, but they must first accomplish four tasks from the other guardians and pass through strange, foreign lands filled with mysterious creatures…
In other news, our campus has been completely flooded by Christmas trees. They are seriously everywhere.
And I won’t be home until Thanksgiving. =(
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