Day Six // currently: 10,503 words

Your semi-daily dose of NaNo updates:

  • I climbed into the 10,000s last night, a day early.
  • I haven’t written much today yet, but otherwise I’m averaging 2,000 words a day. 
  • Starting to notice trends in my writing, such as:
    • I noticed that the past three stories I’ve written have had leading females with the first initial R. 
      • Rachel in “Eight Minutes” ; Riley in The Dead Dream ; Rae in Eraelyn
      • Okay, technically Rae is a nickname of sorts…but it’s what she’s called through most of the story.
      • I don’t know why this trend is happening. I’m not overly fond of Rs, as far as I know.
    • Requirements for an Emily story: supernatural elements, death of SCs and MCs, child abuse, and detailed descriptions of bathrooms.
      • (SC = secondary character ; MC = main character)
    • Changes of expression only shown in the eyes.
    • Names that I like but would never name anyone in real life.
      • e.g., Shanely, Jovany 
    • ridiculous love triangles. Or love rectangles. Or love triangles plus one that you like even though he is not going to be romantically involved in any way.
    • Psychological problems
    • Singing / Musical talent of a specific character
  • I just had to look up the difference between “i.e.” and “e.g.”
  • I keep going to hit “Ctrl + S” as I type this … but that doesn’t work on here. Habit.
  • But as far as habits go, that’s a pretty solid one.
  • I introduced a new character yesterday on a whim. I named him Sash and he is going to serve as a medical intern / comic relief character.
  • After introducing him, I realized that I now have to figure out a way to get rid of him by the end of the story. And normally this would mean me killing him off, but I really like him. Plus that would kind of kill his comic-relief purpose in life.
  • SIGH.
  • I have gone this long in the story without mentioning the name of the MC.
  • Or at least, one of my MCs. I kind of have two. 
  • I’ve decided to give you a list of the characters I have so far.
    No judging names….it’s a fictional universe.
    • Main main characters and kind-of main characters:
      • Eraelyn –> the 1st MC. She is a proxii from Nyx, the secluded city. 
      • Mylan –> my 2nd MC. He saves Eraelyn after falling from the mountains, but she does not know it yet.
      • Zohar –> Mylan’s slightly older cousin. He keeps Eraelyn company as she recovers and she develops a crush on him.
      • Channery –> Mylan and Zohar’s grandmother who is taking care of Eraelyn as she recovers.
      • Sash –> a beginning medical student who is assisting Channery with Rae’s recovery. He and Rae develop a close friendship.
    • other characters:
      • Previ –> a servant working in the mansion of Eraelyn’s keepers
      • Jovany –> a musician and past love interest of Mylan
      • Jase –> the older sister of Sash that was the village’s leading medical physician
    • the guardians:
      • Avarielle –> the supreme deity and the guardian of life
      • Amaya –> guardian of the rain
      • Makani –> guardian of the wind/sky
      • Maeron –> guardian of the sea
      • Ayla –> guardian of the forest
    • locations:
      • Erimentha –> name of the universe
      • Nyx –> dystopian-like city that is completely surrounded by mountains and a magical border
      • Lux –> small village outside of Nyx
      • Zoi –> home of Avarielle
  • I’m not giving you a plot synopsis or background or anything yet, though. You’ll have to wait until next time. =)
  • Also, I just want to thank every single one of you. You all have been so supportive of me this first week, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. People have been coming up and asking how the writing is going or what the story is about, and that seriously means the world to me. So thank you
  • I must get back to writing! 39,497 more words to go!
currently listening to: Get Me Right by Dashboard Confessional
(P.S. I never get tired of this song.)

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  1. Branson
    November 7, 2013

    Loving your choice of names!


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