Day Twelve // currently: 20,115 words

29,885 more to go.
Can you taste it?

It’s starting to get hard. Really hard. You hear all these stories that Week Two is the hardest. Last year, that wasn’t so for me–it was Week Three. But this year, Week Two is stepping on my feet as I try to trudge on.

School (and life in general) is part of the problem. Assignments are beginning to pile up. Final papers are due. Presentations must be given. Pre-final tests must be studied for. Clothes must be washed.

Novel must be written.

I’ve been forced to cut some corners. I had a pretty difficult test today in my Christian Doctrine class…and I really don’t think I did so great on it. This morning, I skipped my first class…the first time I’ve skipped a class the entire semester. I’ve put off reading assignments. I haven’t washed laundry in two weeks. I actually had to use my one skip for room checks last Thursday because I simply did not have time to clean.

NaNoWriMo is beginning to look like a poor life decision.

But then I write scenes like I did today, and I fall in love with it again. I feel lost if I’m not writing, if I’m not pushing forward.

I haven’t fallen behind yet, by some grace of God. I’m still on track, but it’s surely not coming as easily as those first few days did.

I just passed 20,000 words, though, and the feeling. You can’t replicate that.

Halfway is just around the corner.

currently listening to: Best I Ever Had by Gavin DeGraw

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