Day Twenty // currently: 37,310 words

So that moment when you realize you only have ten days and 12,690 words to wrap up this story?
Yeah, just felt that.

  • I don’t think that I’ll be able to get to the ending with less than 13,000 words. And even if I do, it will be rushed and I will have to expand it later on.
  • So I downloaded the free 30-day trial of Scrivener the other day and have started writing my novel in that rather than MS Word, and I must say, I am absolutely in love with it.
    • If I get to 50,000 words, I get a major discount off the usual $40 price, which is pretty awesome.
    • It’s fun to write on, and it will be extremely helpful when I begin the editing process.
    • By the way, this story is going to need a lot of editing.
  • If you haven’t heard of Scrivener, you should check it out. It’s great for writing and organizing longer works, but for other stuff, too. Like research papers, short stories, etc.
  • I’m still contemplating the idea of completely changing the story’s narration. I’m about 60% convinced to rewrite the whole thing using Avarielle as my narrator.
    • For now, I’m going to finish my first draft with the omniscient narrator, though. Just to simplify things.
  • Another struggle: portraying Rae as a strong female character.
    • I’m really drawing on Korra’s character from TLOK to try to accomplish this.
    • But she keeps going back to a love-obsessed moron.
    • Another thing I’m going to have to deal with heavily during the next few drafts.
  • I also keep forgetting to include scenes that I’ve worked out forever ago, and then remembering them and having to shift things around to fit it in.
  • Writing a novel is hard.
    • But worth it?
  • And I keep putting all these things off for Thanksgiving Break, like reading King Lear, but I realized today that NaNoWriMo ends that weekend
  • So yeah, it’s been a bit hectic.
I think Week Three is always my least favorite.
But I’m still pulling through.

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