Grey’s Anatomy Challenge

Warning: Spoilers ahead

This is supposed to be a 30-day challenge, but I’m just going to do a blog post with all of it. Easier.

This is everything up to season 10. I tried to include a variety.

Day 1: Favorite male character?

–Henry, even though he’s only in a few episodes.

–Of the main cast, George O’Malley

–I’m also a fan of Burke.
Day 2: Favorite female character?
–Meredith Grey
Day 3: Favorite friendship?
–Meredith & Cristina

Day 4: Favorite couple?


–But I also like Lexie & George, if you consider them a couple? I was always rooting for them.

George & Lexie

–Teddy & Henry, 
–and so far I like Alex & Jo 
Day 5: Least favorite male character?
–I really don’t know. Maybe Mark Sloan?
–Or Charles Percy
–I don’t know. Most of the men are pretty likable.
Day 6: Least favorite female character?
–I might say Izzie. I liked her early on, I truly did, but the longer she was around the more annoyed I got. I just grew to hate her personality.
–Kind of like in this scene. She starts of amazing, but then just gets whiny and annoying. 
–Also Erica Hahn
–and Leah Murphy
–and Jackson’s mom. She’s annoying

Day 7: Least favorite friendship?

–It’s hard to not like a friendship. 
–Maybe April and Reed? They’re just complete opposites. Granted, this was before April’s character was more developed.

Day 8: Least favorite couple?
–Bailey and Nurse What’s-His-Name
–Callie and Hahn
–Alex and April, if they count
Day 9: Favorite actor?
–This one is tough. But I might have to go with T.R. Knight
–But I also think that Eric Dane does a great job, too. 
Day 10: Favorite actress?
–Sandra Oh. She’s capable of so many emotions.
–I also think that Sarah Drew does a fantastic job as April Kepner. Her eyes. Gosh.
–Also Chandra Wilson. And Ellen, of course.

Day 11: Favorite season?

–Season Two.
–But Season Three is good, too.

Day 12: Least favorite season?
–Not sure. Probably season 7. Or season 5.

Day 13: Favorite quote?
–there are so many. But “You didn’t love her because you don’t destroy the people you love” always gets me.

–also this:

One of my favorite quotes.

Day 14: Favorite episode?

–I thought The Music Event episode was amazing.
–when Arizona says “I have a heartbeat.” My heart melts.

Day 15: Least favorite episode?
–Not applicable.

Day 16: Favorite elevator scene?
–when this happened:

The Hello Kitty band-aid.

–and this:

–and so, so many more.

Day 17: Favorite surgery?

–when Derek operates on Isaac’s inoperable tumor

Day 18: Favorite place in the hospital?

–the scrub room
Day 19: A scene that made you cry?
–Doc’s death.

–and Henry’s death

–and basically all the time

Day 20: A scene that made you laugh?

Day 21: A scene that made you angry?

Day 22: Most epic Grey’s Anatomy moment?

Day 23: The character who you miss the most?

–and Addison
Day 24: Favorite season finale?
–Season Six. Like when this happened.
Day 25: Saddest death?
–Charles Percy. It makes me cry every time, even though I didn’t like him. He still didn’t deserve to die the way he did.
Day 26: Best dancing scene?

–and oh my gosh, this scene was so amazing:

Day 27: If you were ill, who would you want to be your doctor in Seattle Grace?
–Doctor Bailey, all the way.

Miranda Bailey  Played by Chandra Wilson    POSITION:  Attending    STRENGTHS:  Straightforward; tough; quick-witted.    WEAKNESSES:  Bailey's not known for having many weaknesses, although some colleagues think having a baby has made her less of a doctor, something both she and Dr. Webber disagree with

Day 28: The most underrated character?

–Richard Webber

Day 29: The most overrated character?
–Derek Shepherd

Day 30: Your all-time favorite thing about Grey’s Anatomy?


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