American Sniper has the best trailer ever.

I love trailers. I would even say that it’s often my favorite part of going to see a movie. I can spend forever on Youtube just watching trailers of upcoming movies. I’ve thought about what it would be to create trailers as a career.

You get the point.

So Deacon and I went to see Gone Girl (as well as Dracula Untold) this weekend. The movie was stunning. But before that began, this trailer played. And I completely forgot what movie I was there to see for a minute afterwards.

I like movies, but I’m generally not interested in anything about wars or combat. That said, I thought that this was one of the best trailers that I’ve ever seen. The images of the main character’s family is perfectly interwoven with the situation he’s in. The increasing background music provides the perfect suspense. Bradley Cooper’s expression at the end is heartbreaking and perfectly captures every single emotion he is feeling at that moment.

And suddenly, this isn’t just a war movie–it’s a movie about decisions, and the terrible situations that someone can find themselves in.


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