An Elaboration with Photos

Sorry, no wedding photos yet, but I realized my last post was pretty vague and I just wanted to elaborate on it. Give you a sense of what is to come and what I’ve been up to.

  • As you can see, we now have Internet! It’s a relief. But you know, after spending 5 weeks without it, the calm kind of grew on me. Deacon and I rented dozens of movies (for another post sometime). We watched two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. We watched all three seasons of The Legend of Korra. We somewhat unpacked and I learned how to fry eggs and it was a great, peaceful time before the rush of school began.
  • I was also able to finish reading Divergent. But that’s another post.
  • I have honeymoon photos floating around somewhere, but for now the best I can do is a phone photo. And I’m sorry, but it is the worst photo of us that you will ever see. In our defense, we were completely crowded by people as we waited to get into this restaurant.


  • And the drive back to Missouri was beautiful.


  • Did I mention that he drove me all the way to Atlanta so I could see a whale shark? Because he did.
  • Because that’s the only place that has them in captivity in the US.
  • It was a big day here in the apartment when we got a bed. Because we were sleeping on the floor for like two weeks.
    • We now have two nightstands that Deacon put together, so the room looks a lot less empty than in this photo.
  • It was an even bigger day when we got a washer and dryer.
    • Deacon sat in front of the washer for about 30 minutes.
    • And then caught me taking photos of him.


  • But my favorite day was when my father delivered by book case and I finally got to unpack the precious cargo.
  • Which was actually an interesting day because when I cut all my hair off, I failed to tell people about it. So my father had no idea.
    • His first words to me: “What have you done?”
    • But he eventually got over the shock.
  • And I finally finished Tyler and Amanda’s wedding photos!!
Which means you can expect photos from their wedding, my wedding, and the honeymoon coming very, very soon.
(as soon as I find out where to put them, since Flickr has gone all you-have-to-have-a-Yahoo-account)
And side note: I will never use the word “hubby,” but I do want to brag about Deacon for a moment. This semester, our schedules are completely opposite. His classes are all MWF; mine are TR. Tuesday was my first day, and although he did not have any classes at all, he got up early to make me breakfast. Then drove me to school and walked me to class.
And last night he let me read a chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to him before we went to bed. Because he’s kinda perfect.
Have a great weekend!

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