Black Cat

So the remaining kitten of Shy’s last litter is basically all grown up, and in time for Halloween. Deacon has called her “Toothless” ever since she was little, but my family has recently begun calling her Binx. I’m still waiting for someone to adopt her, so I refuse to call her anything.

She’s a bit shy around strangers, and since I live in Rolla now, that means me. (It’s weird to be considered a stranger in the house where you grew up, by the way.) BUT she’s starting to get more friendly lately and I was able to get some nice photos of her today during my surprise visit.

She was waiting for leaves to fall so she could pounce at them, which was adorable.





I took other photos of the yard and the rest of the kitties, so expect to see them floating around soon. Fall is beginning to show its true colors (pun definitely intended) and I’ve been dying to photograph it. So more on this surprise visit home later.


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