Currently: Colors, Vance Joy, and Procrastination

A list of current thoughts/feelings:

  • I’m never going to get all this work done. 
  • If I somehow do manage to get all my homework done this week, I have NaNo to worry about directly afterwards.
  • On my walk to my weekly GTA meeting, I was thinking about how I’ve seen a lack of pretty fall colors this season, especially compared to the photos that everyone else posts. Maybe I haven’t been out of the house enough. Then I thought, “Autumn happens every year. There will be plenty more opportunity.” Bit then I thought, “What if this is the last time I’ll ever see Autumn?” I started panicking and looking around frantically for pretty colors, but the tree I was walking by was almost void of leaves.
  • On my walk back from the meeting, I passed by the most gorgeous tree, and all was all.
  • People consistently disappoint me.
  • And I feel like I consistently disappoint people.
  • Sometimes I forget the word ‘salsa’ and instead say ‘chip sauce.’ Deacon finds this particularly funny.
  • I discovered Vance Joy while reading a blog post yesterday. His music sets the perfect mood for me lately.
  • The time of year has come when I can wear knee-high socks and it is glorious.
  • I haven’t been able to do dishes since I’ve been buried with homework and have hence discovered that I’m somewhat of a dish-stacking artist.
Time to stop procrasting.
currently listening to: Georgia by Vance Joy

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  1. Anonymous
    October 27, 2014

    The color is out there.. go to the STATE park .. YOU"LL see …xoxox


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