Day Eighteen // currently: 30,186 words

Time for some more NaNo updates!

  • I am convinced that this is the worst first draft I have ever written in my life and if I do finish it and wish to maybe possibly get it published in the distant future I am basically going to have to rewrite the whole thing because right now, it’s 60 pages of crap.
  • I started reading Jane Eyre the other day because why not add one more distraction to my life?
  • I am almost finally to the turning point of my story. I had planned a lot more to happen after this point, but I really want to finish by the 30th, so I might condense it down. 
  • My chapters are apparently longer than I usually write, as I am only on chapter six. And I have to make it at least to ten chapters before I consider it a novel.
  • I have been struggling to keep up, but I reached 25,000 with five minutes to spare and I wrote during my break today so I’m already on track for tonight. 
  • Dialogue is my favorite thing to write, but there is a lack of it in this story. I feel like my MC is just telling the readers everything and it is terrible. 
Basically, NaNo has been a real struggle so far. The only thing that will make it better is getting to 50K.
Only 19,814 more words to go!
How has NaNo been to you so far?
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  1. Dr. Sus
    November 19, 2014

    I'm sorry it has been so tough! I'll bet having that draft done and the story hashed out will be really helpful when it comes time to edit though. I know for me, the more I write, even though most of it is complete junk, the more I learn about my story and get great ideas for what to do with it.

    I'm with you – just over 30,000 words and completely unhappy with the quality of each word. I am enjoying writing though, and it is fun to have a set deadline and goal. WE ARE ACCOMPLISHING SOMETHING HUGE!

  2. Anonymous
    November 19, 2014

    You should write a book about your mother. I HEARD she is a cool gal and a very interesting person.


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