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Okay, it’s technically day thirteen because it’s 12:41 AM but it’s really the evening of day twelve so that means I’m ahead, right? Yes. Sort of. Yes.
Anyway, there’s part two of the Beautiful Books Linkup and some updates on how NaNoWriMo has been trying to eat my soul:

Be honest: how is your writing going?

Honesty. Okay. I can do this.

So, this year it has been extremely difficult. I have pretty much no motivation to write. And I thought that would subside as the days went on, but it hasn’t. All I want to do is watch Season 3 of Gilmore Girls. (Dean is gone and Jess is stupid and Lane and Dave belong together don’t get me started on this tangent.) And it’s not because I don’t love my story or that I don’t know where it’s going. The words are just not flowing. I have to claw them out and it’s exhausting.
What’s your first sentence/paragraph?
My first paragraph can be seen here, but here it is again:

Do you have a book cover, and/or pictures that reflect your book?
I created a book cover a while back that I revealed in this post.
Do you have pictures of each of your characters? If not, describe them for us! (Be as descriptive as you can.)
No pictures on hand because my characters aren’t human. They resemble humans, but there are pretty important differences. There are two groups of people: Arcadians and Galts. Arcadians have silver skin and bright, luminescent eyes. Galts have really dark skin with slightly darker eyes. The ‘leopard’ is also black, like a panther, with silver spots. My MC has dark, wavy hair. Ava is tall, slender, with short hair.
That’s about it. I haven’t focused on descriptions much, unfortunately.  
What scene are you most excited to write?

I’m really excited to write the scene where Ava has to execute a child from Galt. (Does that sound like something a psychopath might say?)
And that scene is up next, so I’ll probably get to it tomorrow/today.
I’m also looking forward to the last scene with Festus, but that isn’t due for a few more chapters.
Share a snippet or a scene that you really enjoyed writing.
This makes me really nervous because I am pretty much disappointed with the way all my writing is coming out. So please don’t judge me too harshly. Keep any negative comments to yourself as of now because my poor NaNo-overworked-barely-beating heart might not be able to take it.

Now that you’re writing, have any of the plot details, or the process itself, turned out different from what you planned or imagined?
A lot of scenes have been added, which is always a pleasant surprise. And apparently my MC has beef with her mother, which I didn’t know until she went on a rant about it.
Is there a character or aspect of your plot that’s difficult to write?
So. Many. Difficulties.
It has proved to be a struggle to get the verb tense straight. My character is acting and doing things in present tense, but the bulk of the story is her thinking through memories, which are written in past tense. And it gets really confusing sometimes.
Also, she’s really close to her friend Ava, and I’m afraid that’s coming across as a lesbian-lover type of deal. But I really don’t know if I’m being paranoid about that or if it’s really coming across that way.
AND I realized last night that I’ve been picturing the location of the buildings different in present tense vs. past tense, so I spent 20 minutes trying to draw a map and realizing how inconsistent everything has been. So I’ll have some cleaning up to do come editing time in December.
What’s your favorite aspect of this novel so far? Favorite character?
I love how it’s a survival-y, somewhat-post-apocalyptic, dystopian-like world. I love that my characters have no idea that the country they love is doing terrible things, and that they are part of the system.
Have you drawn off of any life experiences or people you know to create your novel and your characters?
Just slightly, with one character. But no, I have never been sailing, I have no idea how to use a spear or any kind of weapon, I’ve never been the sole survivor of a mysterious epidemic, I’ve never saved a leopard family from a hunter, I’ve never been able to change the weather with my mind, and I’ve never walked 30 miles in a day. I also have a horrible memory. So me and my MC are really nothing alike.
Do you have a playlist or certain song for your novel and/or characters?
YES, glad you asked. I actually posted it here, but I’ve also been listening a lot to Pure Heroine by Lorde and 1989 by Taylor Swift.
Of the songs on that playlist, I think that “Monster” by Paramore connects with my plot the most. But I’ve also been listening to “Silhouettes” and “Georgia” a lot.
Let’s have some fun for a moment: imagine you are somehow transported into your book’s world. Which character are you most likely to be found hanging out with?
None of them, they’re all psychos.
JK, I could probably tolerate Festus for a little while if he let me feed/pet/love the leopard cubs.
(This is strictly fictional, mind you. Holding leopards, even little ones, is a bad idea.)
How do you keep yourself motivated to finish your daily wordcount? (Pinterest? Internet breaks? Chocolate?)
I procrastinate until 10 or 11 PM and then write in a frenzy.
Gilmore Girls, I tell you. Why did Netflix wait all of 2014 to add it now?
What your favourite writing quote or piece of writing advice?
 one true sentence..
Oh Sylvia, you get me.
How does this book make you feel so far? Are you laughing? Crying? Frustrated?
I’m so in love with this story. It deserves a writer who actually knows what she’s doing.
That pretty much sums it up.

currently listening to: I Can Go the Distance from Disney’s Hercules


  1. Dr. Sus
    November 13, 2014

    GOOD JOB! NaNoWriMo is a bit crazy, but it sounds like despite the uncooperative verbs, your story is coming along beautifullly. You've got something really special!

    Sometimes while I'm writing, the classic words of a little blue engine pop to mind… I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…We can do this!

  2. Rachel W.
    November 13, 2014

    ooooo, what an awesomely chilling opening! I definitely want to keep reading! 😀 LOVE the premise of your story. 😀 😀 😀 also, "Arcadians" makes me think of this one game called Skies of Arcadia, it was about sky pirates and has nothing to with anything, BUT I thought I'd mention it because I'm a gaming fiend. XD HA! anyway, good luck!! 😀

  3. Heather
    November 14, 2014

    The opening and the snippet are totally my favorites. So much fav. HOWEVER I also appreciate the Dobby and Chief Powhatan gifs because I feel them. I really do. But congratulations on mastering psychopathy—some of us still have a long way to go. But great post, and thanks for sharing it!

  4. Dr. Sus
    November 20, 2014

    Hey Emily! I've been really enjoying reading your blog and talking to you through comments. I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Best Blogging Buddy award on my blog!


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