Day Thirty // currently: 50,124 words

Just wanted to announce to everyone in the Blogosphere that I am officially a winner of 2014 NaNoWriMo!

It was brutal. And fun. And time-consuming. And worthwhile.

But now it’s over and I can breathe.

I was hardly ever ahead this year, as opposed to last year when I was ahead for over half of the month. There were a few days when I did not write it all or wrote very little, but thankfully I was always able to catch up. I wrote over 4,000 words on at least one occasion, which was a record for me. 
I knew I would not be able to write today since we spent time with family then had to drive back to Rolla, so I went ahead and made it to the finish line last night. It was glorious!
Though, as expected, my novel is not complete yet. Because of this, I don’t quite feel like a winner yet. I won’t be able to dedicate much time to it for the next three weeks because finals are coming up and I have three major assignments due, all of which I have put off until the last possible minute so I can write this novel.
I refuse to do like I did last year, though. Last year, I said I would get around to completing and editing the novel, but it did not happen. I finally went back to it in May, but only wrote a little before stopping again. Once you don’t visit your story for awhile, time starts to create gaps in your memory about what was happening or what you still need to include or what you need to go back and adjust. So I will continue writing in December. And if the month slips by and I haven’t mentioned anything about it, come and find me. Hunt me down. Send up flares. Hire a skywriter. Whatever it takes to get me on track.
And now, dear ones, I must continue on with life apart from my novel for a little while. Thank you for your amazing encouragement and for sticking with me through it all. You guys are the best. =)

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