Lately, I’ve been missing…
–the trinity tree and the bench beside it
–walking to the library every Monday evening
–sitting in my spot at the table in the left wing of the library, hot chocolate in hand
–biscuits and gravy
–my English professors
–my wacky, opinionated English-major friends
–the fog
–the sunsets
–the weird-colored squirrels

I like life in Rolla. I’m enjoying it here.
But I also miss Hannibal.

I never thought I would, honestly. There were so many days that I hated it there, that I felt like I didn’t belong there. Days when I felt like I couldn’t find a single friend, that I had no one. I went weeks without seeing Deacon or my family. Weeks when I didn’t even leave campus. I mostly locked myself up in my room, sleeping or eating Ramen or surfing the Internet. While I was there, I couldn’t wait for those two years to be over.

But it grew on me.

But you know, I’ll probably miss Rolla in the exact same way.
Just like Hannibal, I have two years before graduating from Missouri S&T, maybe a little longer living here depending on when Deacon graduates, and then we’ll be off again. New town. New people. New memories.

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