Let’s talk about that Korra Episode, 4.10

I know what you all are thinking.

Something like this, right?
Girl, you are a married twenty-one year old woman in graduate school and you are obsessed with a kid’s show that is played on Nickelodeon. I’m tired of hearing about it and you need to grow up and move on with your life.

Maybe that’s true, or partly true, or maybe it’s completely false and unfair. But everyone one of us has something that we like and enjoy…we all have a TV show or some sort of guilty pleasure, right? And here are some reasons why it’s okay for me to really, really like Korra:

  1. Deacon and I don’t have cable (a result from the whole married-and-still-in-school thing, because even though we are blissfully content, we still don’t have a lot of money), so our options are limited. But Nick airs Korra online.
  2. Korra is a spinoff of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was popular when I was a kid. I only watched a few episodes back then because I was more of a Disney girl, but always wanted to see the show. Then I found it on Netflix last year and watched all of it. So I was thrilled when I found out about Korra. I mean, how many of you Boy Meets World fans were thrilled to hear about the premiere of Girl Meets World?
  3. Grad school is hard work and, in the words of Sylvia Plath, I need something to cling to for a center of calm.
  4. It might be a kid’s show but it. is. amazing.

Furthermore, this is my blog so I’m inclined to write about things I like without the need for further explanation. If you don’t want to read it, then you don’t have to. I will never know. =)

*deep breath*
Okay, now onward!


Warning: Spoilers for Episode 4.10 ahead.


So, wow. What a great episode, right? We found out a lot of stuff and got some great action. I was really looking forward to Toph and Kuvira having a showdown, but I’m still satisfied.

My favorite part: when Korra went into the spirit world to ask for help and got this as a reply:

Some other favorite parts:

–learning who Lin’s father was
Which is apparently a touchy subject for Lin, but that has got to be the greatest reaction face in the history of forever. I was a bit letdown that it was some character named Kanto that we’ve never heard of, as it totally discounts my long-held theory that Zuko is her father, but I’m not too upset about it. Su’s father is still a mystery.


–this face-tap:
–Kuvira vs. Suyin
–Bolin, all around
Kinda upset that Mako wasn’t really in the episode, but super glad that Bolin’s character is developing so much. He was smart, he was funny, he was adorable, he was helpful, and he was the only one who was determined to go back to save Zhu Li. Which leads me to…
–Zhu Li standing up to Kuvira
Best part about this? It wasn’t for Varrick. Sure, she might go back to him now, but she also might not. She stood up to Kuvira because she knew that what she was doing with the weapon was wrong. She did everything she could to shut it down. And instead of lying or trying to come up with some excuse, she was willing to die for her actions. She just leveled up exponentially in my book.
–and one last theory that was mentioned on Emergency Awesome’s Youtube channel:
Suyin and her family all have darker skin tones. Deacon actually mentioned this with Opal during the episode, but I thought it must be a gene from her father. But look at Su compared to Toph and Lin. It’s subtle, but it looks like there’s a bit of water tribe in her. This is just a little, tiny bit of evidence to support the theory of Sokka being her father. But I think Bataar looks a lot like Sokka, too.
The Legend of Korra - Season 4: Baatar Jr. (Suyin's oldest son) totally Sokka's grandson!
Suyin Beifong's Family, The dude on the top right no longer exists in my eyes.
I originally thought that this meant that Suki could therefore be Zuko’s wife, but I’m not sure about that today because I just learned that Mai comes back in the next comic series:
Anyway, this was a great episode and I’m both excited for and dreading the next three episodes because they will be the last of Korra ever, but hopefully all the questions will be wrapped up and anything remaining will be explained in the comics. Which I will read…at some point.
Have a happy weekend!
P.S. The sneak peek for next week’s episode can be seen here.

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