Lilo & Stitch’s True Villain

Let me start off by saying that Lilo & Stitch is one of my favorite Disney movies. And that’s saying a whole lot because I’m a Disney fanatic. So if you haven’t watched it, I would advise going to do that right now. It’s on Netflix. Also this post will contain spoilers, so this is your warning.

So you guys may have seen some things on the internet centering on how Nani is actually the greatest Disney heroine, such as the following post (excuse the language):
Nani was the best Disney relative of all time
This is soooo true and so cool to think about. Love Lilo and Stitch! Nani is definitely a warrior!
One of my favorite parts of Lilo and Stitch is the fact that Nani actually looks and behaves like a real woman. Shes not stick-thin and she makes some messy mistakes, but ultimately shes the glue holding the family together.

You may have also seen posts about how David is actually the greatest Disney prince:
I've always thought this about David. Every time. NANI, HE JUST WANTS TO LOVE YOU
“I think David from Lilo & Stitch is a better man then any of the Princes. He’s stay’s by Nani and Lilo through thick and thin, wanting nothing more than to see them both be happy.”

But I’m taking a different turn today.
I’m going to talk about the overlooked villain of the movie.

5 Reasons Why the Animal Shelter Lady is the True Villain of Lilo & Stitch

–first, let’s just watch the scene:

1. There’s a noticeable lack of villain in Lilo & Stitch.

First things first: who exactly is the main antagonist here? We have a few options, but all of them have some problems:

Is it supposed to be Stitch, who wreaks havoc throughout the movie until Lilo finally teaches him the meaning of family? Maybe. But stitch is one of the title characters, he’s totally adorable (I mean, they sell plush animals that look like him), and it’s clear that he really does have goodness in him. Plus, Lilo loves him, and so do we.

Jumba and Pleakley are the ones that are after Stitch through most of the movie, so that may lead us to believe that they’re the bad guys. But even as Disney villains go, they’re pretty tame. Jumba is a bit more aggressive than Pleakley, but ultimately their characters serve to provide comic relief rather than opposition. And, just like Stitch, they turn into good guys at the end.

Some might point to the Grand Councilwoman as the main villain because she’s the one who holds all the power and she’s the one who sends the order for Stitch’s capture. Plus she looks a little creepy. But we can’t forget that she only calls for Stitch’s capture after he demonstrates that he has no good within him. She’s not wicked—she’s just trying to maintain order. That’s why when she realizes that Stitch has found a good home that loves him, she allows him to stay.

Captain Gantu is the main choice for most who have to point to a villain. And I’ll admit, he’s a bit aggressive. And scary. And it’s true that he does become a villain-like character towards the end of the movie, and if I’m not mistaken, holds that title in all the sequels and TV show. But he’s only present in this movie at the very beginning and the end. During that time, he is just operating under orders. So for this first movie, I don’t think the title of villain is adequate for him.

2.  “It’s a dog…I think. But it was dead this morning!”

What kind of animal shelter keeps dead animals in their cages? And then allows 6-year-olds to go meander through alone without any kind of warning?

Seriously though. Is she trying to scar children for life?

3.  Dictating children’s choices.

–Seriously, who is this woman and what makes her think she has the right to tell a child that the name she picked out for her dog is lame and stupid?

Thank goodness Nani was there to set Crazy Lady straight.
I for one think that Stitch is a fine name. Plus it adds to the metaphor of him “stitching” their family back together.

4.  Know-it-all.

–“Dogs can’t talk, dear.”
Way to crush a child’s imagination. Do you also go around telling children that Santa isn’t real?

5.  Wait, haven’t we seen that red hair before?

–Is that…no…surely not…

You’ve got to admit, the red hair…the round glasses…the awkward nose…Animal Shelter Lady does share an uncanny resemblance to Lilo’s arch nemesis, Myrtle. Is this woman breeding an army of children that seek to crush the hopes and dreams of everyone around them? Quite possibly.


Also, why does she make Lilo & Nani pay for a dog that she had already thought was dead? Surely she’s glad that they took it off her hands. But no. She doesn’t even help the struggling sisters out. She just takes what she can get.


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