NaNo Adam

A few details about my NaNoWriMo 2014 novel:

  •  It’s science fiction
    • I don’t like science fiction. Ender’s Game? Hated it.
    • So this should be interesting
    • It is nothing, NOTHING, like Ender’s Game.
  • All the names for characters are taken from towns in Missouri
    • just as homage to this lovely region.
    • No, I didn’t name anyone Park Hills or Farmington. 
  • It’s set in a fictional universe and the people are not quite human
  • It has themes similar to last year’s novel pertaining to the relationship between two groups of people
  • There are superpowers
  • It has a subtle dystopian theme
  • Inspired by: I Am Legend, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Never Let Me Go, as well as Spartan, Norse, and Aztec culture
  • Mainly based on not one, not two, but three separate dreams I’ve had.
    • Two of which I had in the same night last year.
    • Dream one: girl in wilderness fighting zombies. 
    • Dream two: killing psycho man in front of his family by smashing his head into a wall
    • Dream three: watching my best friend dissolve into dust after being attacked by aliens
  • I am trying really hard to not make it like The Hunger Games
  • The main character has a pet leopard.
  • It is written from first person POV.
  • The main character’s name is never mentioned. 
    • But in case you were wondering, her name does not begin with an R.
    • I know this breaks tradition
    • But the leopard’s name is Rolla.
  • It includes murder, sailboats, a volcano, a sea monster, caves, a disappearance, delirium, and mutiny
  • And superpowers. Did I mention that?
Super excited to begin this endeavor. Playlist to come soon.
See you at 50K!

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  1. Dr. Sus
    October 31, 2014

    Interesting! Even though it is in today's popular genre, it sounds unique. And a pet leopard? Count me in!
    I'm interested to hear more about someone writing Sci-Fi who isn't a super fan of the genre. I too despire Ender's Game and am extremely picky about Sci-Fi. I will admit, I think that genre has a ton of potential. I just haven't found anything I like yet.



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