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I’ve had a case of the feels recently. For some reason, posts keep coming up that really get me. And, like always, I’ve decided to compile them in a nice, comfortable post.

So, beware of feels. This is your warning.

  • This post.
    It began with me trying to find Plath quotes. And I really like Buzzfeed. (Sidenote: currently my antivirus says there’s a threat every time I’m on Buzzfeed. Does anyone know why?) So I searched her name on the site. This is the first article that came up. I read a few paragraphs, skimmed over the rest, and realized how long the thing was. I was about to close out of the window without another thought until I saw the comments. They were all so incredibly positive. So I read it.
    It is beautifully written, but so heartbreaking. I wouldn’t call it a “good” story, but it’s one that I can somewhat distantly relate to, and one that I think would be good for everyone to read, even if you’re not a Sylvia Plath fan.
  • This cat.

    This is Scarlett and her kittens. Scarlett was a stray kitty, probably around nine months old, when the building she was living in caught fire. She walked back and forth through the flames five times in order to save all her kittens. She was severely burned in the process: her coat was singed, her ears burned, most of her facial hair burned away. Since she could not see her kittens, it was reported that she touched her nose to each of them to make sure they were safe before she fell unconscious. The kittens were adopted in pairs of two. (The white kitten died a month after the fire from a virus.) Scarlett recovered from her wounds, but required ongoing care for the rest of her life. The fire took place in March 1996 and Scarlett died in October 2008. The North Shore Animal League has since created an award in her honor.
  • This post.
    I found this post on Facebook a month or so ago, and I cannot explain how amazing it is. These photos document the 21st century thus far. Each one tells a different story. Some of them are horrifying. Some of them make your heart sing. They all inspire me.
  • Dear Kitten videos

    That last post can get a little heavy, so watch this to cheer you up. It’s adorable.
Some unrelated notes:
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