“Spring” Break 2014

Okay, first off, I don’t know why Flickr has changed the way they do embedded photos. But just ignore the arrows and everything until I figure out how to stop it.

Spring Break is HERE!

I had all these wild hopes about leaving the tundra of Hannibal and embracing the green grass of my homeland and running in the park and taking Romeo on walks and enjoying the Spring weather.

That was until my hometown got hit with a winter storm Sunday night.

The temperature isn’t too cold, but everything is too wet to do anything. And you would think that that would give me more time to stay indoors and work on my pile of homework. And you would be incorrect. Because Netflix added Pokemon and my cats are cuddly and I’m having the hardest time making it through Ender’s Game, let alone a book about the social conflicts in Wuthering Heights.

But I did wake up somewhat early today to get some photos of all my pets. It had been much too long since I’d taken pictures.

Also, I got a haircut.
But more on that later.


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