Story Excerpt: Sash’s Departure

I’ve been reading back through the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo, trying to iron out inconsistencies and remember where I was so I can maybe start writing the rest of it. I’m realizing how awful one writes when forced to get so many words in so short of a time span, but even so, I love the story that has been created. 
Sash is my favorite character, which is why I hated to write this scene. But I read it again today and thought I’d share it, even though I know the writing is bland and definitely not where it should be.
There are a lot of characters mentioned in this one scene, so if you’re confused, refer to the descriptions here.

“You want us to jump out of a thirty-story window?”
“And penetrate the forcefield. Simple, really.”
Rae wanted to push Maeron out of the window and show him how simple it really was.
“I’ll go first,” Mylan said, stepping up.
“No, I’ll go first,” Rae said, pushing him aside.
Mylan would not have it. Taking a quick running start, he leapt from the window and soared into the air towards the amber forcefield; Zevi also took off and followed after him. As soon as Mylan’s fingers touched the outer rim, the two of them disappeared completely.
Rae gulped. “Right…okay. My turn.”
“Ah, ah, ah,” Maeron said, shaking his finger at her. “I’m afraid I cannot allow you to pass, dear Eraelyn.”
She imagined his scream as his body soared from the window.
“I said enough games. Let me through.”
“You are not allowed to pass, Eraelyn,” Maeron said sternly.
“I just saw Mylan—”
“No, you do not understand. You are not allowed to pass.”
Silence settled over them.
“She did everything you asked her to do,” said Sash, his eyes growing angry. “You have to let her go.”
“Ah, but she did not accomplish everything,” said Maeron. Rae rolled her eyes, but he continued. “I believe that Amaya gave you some instructions before you came here, am I correct?”
Rae’s face fell. “She said something about inner battles.”
“Mmm,” said Maeron.
“But we did that—we went through our memories! I fought through them!” she shouted hysterically.
The edges of Maeron’s lips turned up, though he tried his best to suppress his smile. “Yes, it seems you did fight them, my dear. And it seems that the triumph was theirs.”
Her jaw dropped in disbelief.
“You must let her pass.”
“I must do nothing,” Maeron cried angrily. “Let me remind you that I am the guardian of this sea and you are standing in my tower. The only power here belongs to me.”
“She’ll die if she stays here!”
Sash wanted to wring his neck, but Rae grabbed his hand. “Don’t provoke him, Sash. It’s okay, really. You go and find Mylan and get back to the village. It’s okay.”
He shook his head. “We’ve come this far.”
“And you did all you could. That’s enough.”
“No,” he repeated, raising his head towards Maeron. “Let her go and keep me here instead.”
“Lock me up in that cell if you have to,” Sash continued, ignoring Rae’s outburst. “Do whatever you want, but let her go.”
Maeron considered it, then nodded. Two streams of water floated from his hands and wrapped around Sash’s wrists. Rae tried to break through them, but the water reattached with ease and began to turn solid.
“Stop this!” she pled. “Sash—you can’t do this.”
He grabbed her shoulder to steady her. His voice was calm. “I can’t not do this, Choppy.”
A slight smile emerged on her face, but she could not leave him. “But we need you…”
“All you need is Mylan. He’s been more help than anyone else during this whole thing. Besides…I’m not really much help with medical stuff anyway. I can’t fight. I’m pretty useless, as travel companions go. But this is something I can do, and it’s what I’m going to do.”
“You’re not useless,” she said, hugging him. “You’re the one who has kept me sane.”
He thought of something then. She started to pull away from the hug, but he held her there.
“Listen, Eraelyn,” he whispered in her ear, “I know you didn’t fall from that mountain.”
She heard herself gasp and tried to pull away again, but he held onto her.
“If something triggers you in the woods like when you attacked Channery, there will be no one there to pull you off Mylan. So be careful. And get to Avarielle as fast as possible.”
He loosened his grip and she looked up at him. She had never seen him so serious.
“Thank you, Sash. For everything.”
She did not look at Maeron again. She put the scepter by Zohar’s bow on her back and dived out of the window.


“You—idiot!” Rae screamed into Mylan’s face, punching his shoulder. “It should have been you! Why did you just leave us there?”
“I had to make sure—”
“Sash was stranded there with Maeron because of you. He took my place!”
“I don’t see how that is my fault—”
“How could you have just left?”
He realized that fighting was useless; no matter what he said, Rae would argue against it. He stepped aside and leaned against a tree. Rae sunk to her knees next to Zevi.
They were in the outer edge of Ayla’s forest. The trees were much different from those in the wood surrounding Lux; instead of the short, spider-like trees with tangles of branches, they were tall and slender. Some of them stretched so high that Rae could not see the tops of them.
She hugged Zevi to her tightly.
She did not know what to do without Sash there. The silence was maddening; there was no one to joke with or prevent from tripping. No one to take her mind off of everything else.
There was only Mylan.
“I’m sorry about Sash,” he said after a while. “We’ll go back and get him on our way back.”
“We shouldn’t have to,” she said, standing up. She gathered her bags and strode past Mylan.
She did not know where she was going, but she pretended to. Mylan followed her silently and pulled a map out of his pocket. They walked for about an hour and Mylan noticed that Rae had a hard time traveling in a straight line, though she did not seem to notice. She also did not like for him to follow too close behind her, so he kept a good distance away. The slow pace was too cumbersome for Zevi, so he took the air and swirled around their heads, enjoying the freedom again.
Her coughing had grown worse. Almost every breath was accompanied with hacking and gagging. One particular fit struck her when they had snaked a good ways into the forest. It was so strong that Rae abruptly halted and bent over, covering her mouth. Her body was shaking and Mylan thought for a moment that she was going to be sick.
He had continued walking up to her and slid his hand on her back, though her coughing had ceased. He crouched down closer and saw that her eyes were tightly closed and her cheeks flushed. Tears were streaked down her cheeks.
She fought for air, but her breaths would not come evenly.
Mylan was at a loss for what to do. He stood there awkwardly with his hand on her back, waiting for it to pass.
“You don’t know,” she hiccuped.
He leaned his head in closer. “Excuse me?”

“You don’t know we’ll be able to get him on our way back.”

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