Unanswered Questions from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

ATLA. So true.
 Update: I have answered and added to this list in this post.

I am in love with this show. Both of them.

It’s difficult for me to believe that a year ago, I was not a fan of either of them. Growing up, I had only seen a handful of episodes of ATLA. That’s it. It wasn’t until Spring of 2013 that I started watching the show on Netflix, then watched Book One of TLOK over the summer. Book Two of TLOK was just completed, and since ATLA is no longer on Netflix, I got all three Books on DVD for Christmas.

I said all that just to say this: I’ve become a huge fan.

I’ve watched every single episode, but there are still so many questions that have not been answered from both series. So I decided to make a list.

If you know the answers or have any thoughts on any of these, please comment or message me and let me know! =)
Also, be prepared for spoilers if you haven’t seen everything.

  1. For goodness sake, what happened to Zuko’s mother?
    Zuko and his mom
  2. Who does Zuko marry?
    (please not Mai please not Mai please not Mai)
  3. What is his daughter’s name?
  4. Why have we not seen him in TLOK?
  5. Who is Lin Beifong’s father?
    (we can probably rule out Sokka since we know Lin and Tenzin once dated)
    Lin BeiFong - The Legend of Korra
  6. How did Lin get her scars?
    lin beifong | Tumblr
  7. The show tells us that during the time of Wan, there were at least a dozen lion turtles, but all but one of them have been hunted down by the time of Aang. This sole surviving lion turtle possesses the power of energy bending. So…what kinds of bending techniques did all the others have?
    Lion Turtle
  8. Also, how does one go about hunting down a lion turtle?
  9. How does what we learn in TLOK about lion turtles bestowing bending powers correlate with what we learn in ATLA about people learning bending through the moon/sky bison/badgermoles/dragons? Do the lion turtles give them the ability to bend, but the others show them how to use the ability?
    The Legend of Korra: lion turtles fire air water earth
  10. Why/How does Jinora have brown eyes?
     Tenzin's family: Jinora / Ikki / Meelo / his wife Pema
  11. Do Sokka and Suki ever get married? Do they have any children?
    Sokka & Suki (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  12. Does Sokka’s ever get his space sword back?
    sokka space sword
  13. Did boomerang ever come back?
    (his statue seen in TLOK seems to indicate it does…)
  14. Did Aang carve Katara a new engagement necklace, or did he let her keep her mother’s?
    Katara's necklace. There will be a formal dance at AZ2013 and I think I can use my bridesmaid dress and some simple accessories to be Katara! I have to make this necklace.
  15. Does Tahno’s pale skin mean that he’s descended from swamp benders?
    Korra & Tahno
  16. Did Korra ever give Tahno his bending back?
  17. What happens to Longshot and Smellerbee?
    Smellerbee and Longshot
  18. How are certain individuals that are not the Avatar–like Iroh and Jinora–able to enter the spirit world and have such a deep connection with the spirits?
  19. What happens to Azula?
  20. More about Mako and Bolin’s childhood and how they grew up bending separate elements even though they are brothers.
    Mako & Bolin my love
  21. What happened to the Dai Lee when Azula banished them?
    The Dai Lee
  22. When/How did Appa die?
    Little Appa and Aang
  23. Where did all the sky bison come from in TLOK? Aren’t they supposed to be extinct?
  24. And don’t even get me started on the Book Two finale of TLOK.
    'The Legend of Korra' season 2 finale discussion

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