10 Reasons Why Short Hair is Awesome

I was spreading some hate on my hair a few days ago, so I wanted to clarify: I don’t hate my hair. A lot of the time, I really enjoy it.

I miss my long hair–this is true. I miss having the options to braid it, curl it (even though this never happened), or throw it into a messy bun or ponytail. I miss the way it swished behind me in a swimming pool.
Of course everyone knows The Little Mermaid. | The One Thing You’ve Never Noticed About "The Little Mermaid"

And there are things I don’t like about short hair, like how it tickles the inside of my ears as I fall asleep, or how I have to shower in the morning because my bedhead is fierce.

And without my hair to hide behind, I feel so exposed.
6 Ways Being A Princess Is Seriously Overrated.  This is actually kinda funny, especially when you get to Cinderella and Rapunzel brawling.

But there are benefits to short hair, so I wanted to share the ones I’ve experienced so far.
    1) Bicycle helmets are way less awkward.

    As well as hoods on jackets and hoodies.

    2) Formal Occasions? No problem!
    No more spending hours and hours trying to do something fancy. There is way less social obligation.

    3) Less shampoo & conditioner 
    Honor to Us All from “Mulan” - There are a lot of great songs in Mulan, but this one always seems to be forgotten. It’s a great company number and it’s a nice introduction to how important it is to be a proper woman in her culture. (which makes it all the worse when she goes to war as a man)
    but way more other types of product

    4) Windy days? No problem!

    Because we have all had the hair-in-the-face-can’t-see experience when trying to walk outside during a slight breeze with long hair.

    Unless you are Ariel or Pocahontas, because their hair is magic.
    16 Struggles All Women With Big Hair Know To Be True

    And you know, Rapunzel, whose hair is especially magic.
    Disney Facts You Haven't Fully Processed, Part 2 | Oh My Disney
    (to see what these princesses would look like with nonmagic hair, see here.)

    5) Hot or sweaty? No problem!
    Roman holiday , Audrey Lazio
    No more hair sticking to the back of your neck during summer days.

    6) You are way less likely to get stuff caught in it.
    30 Day Disney Challenge - Day 9 - Favorite Couple - Their relationship in the movie was wonderful, and I just loved them!!!!
    No need to hold your hair while you eat / drink from a water fountain / cook / blow out candles.

    7) No more tangles or hours of brushing

    But how will my arms get their daily workout?
    8) It gets dry 1000 times more quickly.
    Merida--I love this so much because thats actually how crazy-curly hair looks wet, and it just love that the animators took the time to do that!
    Whereas with long hair, you carry that water around with you all day.
    9) And no big, frizzy mess!
    Merida gets me. Also, Pixar is superb at animating hair. And everything else, of course.
    Even though Merida’s hair is gorgeous, I would not want to try to manage it every day.

    10) It’s liberating.
    A Defining Moment | Episode 2 - Korra Alone | Book 4: Balance | Legend of Korra | Avatar | (gif)
    It may make you feel like an entirely new person. But sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

    Bonus: Just look how gorgeous these women are with short hair.

    Short hair is awesome, the end.

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    1. Emily Seals
      April 20, 2015

      I know! Disney Princesses give us unrealistic expectations. So unfair!


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