a letter to the man who gave me his name.


Today is our one-year wedding anniversary.


I can’t believe it’s been that long since I walked down the aisle to meet you. It honestly flew by. Even so, so many things have happened this past year. I started graduate school; you picked up a third major. We moved into an apartment that was nice but infested with house centipedes, then into a house that isn’t so nice and is infested with spiders.


We’ve argued and fought and cried and laughed until our stomachs hurt and were goofy and cuddled and learned. That’s what this year was most of all, I think. Us learning each other.

Because after five years of knowing you, I still feel like there’s so much I have yet to learn. The quirks, the expressions, the routines, the rhythm. The way you walk so silently that you just appear into rooms and make me dance around in terror. The way your lips tighten when you’re aggravated. The way you fawn over babies and puppies like you’ve never seen something more precious in your entire life. The way you laugh without making a sound.

There are so many little things like that, things that I love about you because they’re you. 

Last month, we moved into our first house. It’s not been as glorious as we have hoped–in fact, there’s more problems with it than I could probably count, but I still feel at home here.

And it meant that we got to adopt Rex.


We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. It’s only been three weeks, but he’s already molded into our small little family completely. Whenever one of us leaves, he waits for us. When we get home, he’s at the door to greet us. He loves belly rubs and runs through the park. And we love to make him happy.


I think he brings out the best in us. It’s such a blessing, to care for a creature that loves you so unconditionally. To say the word “Walk” and watch him cock his head and run to the door excitedly. To run with him so he can chase rabbits around the park. We teach him to stop before crossing the road like a little kid. He sleeps between us like a little kid. He’s made our little family a little more complete.


I wanted to thank you for standing by me this year. I wanted to thank you for always pushing me forward, to rise instead of stay stagnant. I don’t always like it, but I’m a better person because you expect me to be. It’s been a crazy, overfilled year, but I’m so glad that you’ve been here through everything.


One year has not nearly been enough for me. It’s only been a taste.
I need a hundred more.

Love you,

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