Day Fifteen // currently: 23,781 words

(The above photo is from a shoot I did back at the end of August that I have still have not posted. But I will…someday.)

I know, I haven’t done a NaNo update in forever, but I have posted a fair amount over the last few weeks and felt that I was spamming everyone about NaNo, so I thought I would give it a rest for a few days.

And then my muse packed her bags and the infamous week two rained down upon me with fire and thunder.

Here are some updates:

  • I know this post says day fifteen, but that’s just because it’s after midnight. It’s really just the end of day fourteen, so I’m technically on track, and this is important to note because I had to work my fingers to death to get caught up today:
  • Yesterday (a Friday, of all days) was the first time this year that I have been behind. My soul was crushed for awhile, but now I’m back on track. Huzzah!
  • And I was having computer problems, so I had to write about 1,000 words today by hand.
  • Who in publishing thought it was okay to release Winter by Marissa Meyer (AKA THE LAST BOOK IN THE LUNAR CHRONICLES) during NaNoWriMo?
  • So this week, I got caught up in finishing the last half of The Night Circus, and then was consumed by Pokemon, because I’ve decided that I want to get a 3DS and start playing through the later gens. So I’ve been thoroughly distracted and my novel was thus abandoned for a little bit.
  • I think I’m okay with using the word “novel” now because if I combine this year’s word count with Part One’s word count, I’m at 74,563 words, which is pretty dang significant.
  • My main character likes to use a lot of vulgar language and she is being a bad influence on me.
  • I introduced an impromptu character last week to add a backstory to Elayer.
    • His name is Braymer, and he is Elayer’s older brother.
    • And I promptly became attached to him.
    • And then tonight I wrote his demise and it broke my heart. I don’t usually cry over my own characters because it’s not like anything comes as a surprise, but I was really close with him. Really close.
  • My writing this year is so terrible. It’s just awful. I’m mostly just going on tangents about how the culture and society operates and my plot is going nowhere.
  • And when I say my plot is going nowhere, I mean it. I took this picture last Sunday when I was at 12K to show where I was at in my plot. AND I AM STILL IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION.
  • Tomorrow today is the halfway point you guys. YOU GUYS WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH.
  • I think I’ll do a post of snippets soon, even though I am exactly 0% impressed by everything that I have written thus far.
  • I’m really tempted to throw in a dragon. My characters are in an underground cave right now…they need to fight some kind of monster, right? But I keep reminding myself that this is sci-fi, not fantasy. (Although, really, I can pass dragons off as sci-fi, right? My characters have freaking superpowers. And I am the lord and creator of their universe.)
I hope everyone is doing well and hitting that halfway point! Thanks for all your love and support. Week two is always the worst, but week three should get better. 
If you are doing NaNoWriMo, tell me about your novel! What’s it about? What genre? Do you like to throw in impromptu characters and then fall in love with them before having to kill them off (or is that just me?–I did the same thing in NaNo 2013)? Have you read Winter yet?? Any Pokemon fans out there? Tell me all of the things!

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