Day Five // currently: 9,378 words

I wanted to get to 10,000 words tonight, but I have to plan a lesson to teach for tomorrow and it’s 11:00 PM, so I’m not sure I can make it. But tomorrow is Friday and I will be a fury of words.

Some updates:

  • I downloaded the NaNoWriMo 2015 free trial of Scrivener, which goes to December 7th.
    • I used Scrivener for NaNo 2013 and liked it okay, but wasn’t sold on it and never bought it.
    • I didn’t use it at all last year, and now I have no idea why. It’s so perfect for writing a novel, and extremely useful for this WIP, in particular, because the narration is nonlinear.
    • You can download the trial even if you’ve used a free trial before. And at the end of NaNo, winners get 50% off regular price and all participants get 20% off. 
    • I will definitely be purchasing it.
  • The chapter I’m on is terribly boring and I’m realizing that about 85% of this story so far is just my MC arguing with literally everyone.
  • Also, only two days have passed in the present storyline, throughout both Part One and Part Two.
  • My cover for this year:
  • I need to invest in Spotify Premium, but only during Novembers
  • My character’s supplies have been unexpectedly destroyed. But I guess there’s never more tension than giving a character a sense of safety and then snatching it away from them. I think it will help build the anxiousness that this second half really needs.
  • I haven’t really liked anything that I’ve written so far. The plot and themes are great, but the execution is terrible. But that’s NaNo for you.
Hope you guys are all having successful Novembers! I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress every few days, and please tell me how your novels are going!

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