Day Two // currently: 2,879 words

Writing yesterday went pretty well. Today is going downhill quickly. Some thoughts:

  • Just like last year, it’s a struggle to bounce between past tense and present tense. I didn’t notice it as I was reading back through Part One, but it’s a pain to write. You have to change mindsets every few scenes and it’s terrible. 
  • Seriously debated shifting my whole timeline a few years ahead so I can add in more romantic scenes between two characters that I’m shipping. There are three years between them, but most of their scenes happen when the MC is like 12. I’ve decided that shifting the timeline just for my own kicks is probably a poor move, but man I’d like to give them some more scenes.
  • Speaking of timeline. My story has a nonlinear narration, so it’s easy to get the timeline jumbled. Therefore, I put it on my wall via post-its, index cards, yarn, and a lot of tape:


  • There is a huge plot hole that I wrote in Part One towards the end of NaNo 2014. I did not notice it until about a month ago. It’s pretty much messing everything else up and I don’t really know what to do about it.
    • Basically, the water is supposed to be toxic, but I wrote in all of these underwater caves that they are hiding in and exploring, but they shouldn’t be able to enter the water.
    • BAHHHH. *deep breath*
  • Pretty much everything that I have written so far has been different or additional to what I have planned. So there’s that.
  • But I did find a 2015 desktop calendar that was made by the same person that made the 2013 calendar that I loved, so yay!


  • I’ve also worked worked on a NaNo 2015 playlist a little bit, but it’s far less in-depth than previous years and is basically just a list of songs that I’ve been listening to all year:
  • And here’s a picture of Rex, because it’s hard to concentrate when you have such a cute dog:
Hope you guys are getting more accomplished than me! And feel free to add me on the NaNo website.
Let me know if you are doing NaNo! How is it going? Are you ahead? Any tips? What is your novel about? And if you haven’t joined–it’s never too late to start! (seriously.)


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