Early-December Updates

I haven’t done updates in forever, I know. This post started in October, and then went through November, and now we’re a week into December and it still hasn’t been posted. GAHH.

I have finally decided to get back into playing Pokemon. I’m getting a 3DS for Christmas and will jump into playing SoulSilver. I only ever played first gen on my Gameboy growing up, so I’ll have a lot of things to get used to, but I’m so excited!
Rex got injured. While we were staying with my family during Thanksgiving, Rex hurt himself jumping off the couch and we had to rush him to the vet. Luckily, nothing was broken. But we found out that he has arthritis in his front legs for sure. He was on pain medication for ten days and is just starting to feel like himself again.


I finished NaNoWriMo. For the third year! Thank you to everyone who supported me. This year was so tough, and I’m kind of amazed that I actually made it.

We have a Christmas tree! This is me and Deacon’s second Christmas as a married couple, but we didn’t decorate last year because our apartment was so small. But now that we are renting a house, we have room for a tree. The problem was that we could not decide on what kind of tree. I wanted white, Deacon wanted green. I wanted plain lights, Deacon wanted multi-color. ETC. But last weekend, I went out of town, and I came back to THIS.
(Best husband ever, you guys.)

He even bought a stocking for Rex.

School is starting to wind down. Next week is finals week, but I don’t have any finals! I have a proposal due on the 18th and grades due on the 22nd, but other than that, the semester is pretty much over. Only one more semester until I graduate in May!

– Why is the password into Moria in Elvish? Am I missing something?
Someone please help I’ve been wondering this for years.
– Pizza rolls are so much better in the oven than in the microwave
“Every conversation you have is relevant.” I heard this quote while watching an ASMR video and it really stuck with me.

– I’m both surprised and glad that an annual tradition of bringing trees into your home (real or synthetic) to celebrate a holiday is still going strong. Seems like something that would have died out a long time ago. 

tv shows
Downton Abbey, seasons 4 and 5
youtube channels
AceTrainer Liam
Super Carlin Brothers
(funny story – I tried subscribing to his gaming channel to watch his Pokemon play through. I watched him battle the last gym in Johto and was so frustrated at his technique that I had to unsubscribe. I was literally yelling at the computer screen. My dog came to check on me.)
The Martian (liked it)
Area 51 (hated it)
Big Eyes (liked it)
Jurassic World (rewatch, liked it)
Psycho (rewatch, love it)
It Follows (loved the camerawork, but the plot was lacking)
The Babadook (meh.)
2001: A Space Odyssey (didn’t finish because husband and dog fell asleep Update 12/10: I finished it last night and it was gorgeous and terrifying and weird.)
Mockingjay, Part Two (not bad)
Cinderella (liked it)
Currently reading: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell and Winter by Marissa Meyer

Tell me how your December is going! Are you excited for the holidays? Any plans? Am I the only person who had never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey

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