How Do I NaNo? [as told by Tangled]

An idea sparks in your brain, and you decide to bring it to light.

And then the ideas just keep coming.

You might be embarrassed to tell people about it at first…

…and your friends might not get it…

but then November starts, and you’re in full swing.

You sign up on the NaNo website and can’t wait to be part of the writing community.

You begin writing, and it goes much smoother than you thought it would. 
This doesn’t seem so hard, after all.

A few days pass and you think you have that plot all ironed out, but then a glaring plot hole smashes right into you.

So you work and rework and things start to go well. You start feeling okay. You might even be good at this noveling thing.

But then you start getting a little cocky. And you are quickly reminded that your novel has a mind of its own.

You watch in amazement as your word count climbs steadily.

But then something unexpected happens, you lose momentum, and you have to seek consolation from friends.

You think this might be the worst decision of your life.

But then, you have a successful writing day, and then another, and then another.

And you might even begin to ship two of your characters.

You write and write, until finally, you hit that last stretch.

beautiful, beauty, and gif image

And you can hardly believe that you just won.

You finally crawl out of your den


and let your family know that you are still alive

and as you look over all those words you created, you can’t help but start planning for next year.


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