In honor of the Winter Solstice…

I have paused my end-of-semester grading to talk to you about Winter by Marissa Meyer because today is the 2015 Winter Solstice and it just seems right.


I finished reading listening to the gigantic novel last night and oh. my. goodness. It was such a rollercoaster ride.

Things I liked:
– Scarlet and Wolf grew on me. Scarlet was my least favorite book in the series, and I previously didn’t really like her and Wolf, but that changed in this novel. Somehow, they became my new Cinder and Kai.

– But Cress and Thorne will always be my OTP. I love those two, and as much as it pains me, I love the tension between them because nobody will say what they want to say.

– The story flowed together nicely. Even though the characters were doing their separate things through most of it, and each chapter focused on someone new, it never seemed choppy. Things went really smoothly.

It was surprising. I kept trying to make predictions and none of them came true, which is good. I was surprised by almost every plot point, and it had me on the edge of my seat.

It was funny. There might have been a line about putting a bag of rice in Cinder’s head. I died.

Things I had problems with:
Iko seemed like a trump card in a lot of scenes. I can’t really explain this without getting into spoilers, and I’m glad that Iko was really present, but yeah. Trump card.

It was so long. The audiobook is nearly 24 hours! I think Winter should have had her own book, and then the finale should have been separate.

But, on that note, I didn’t really care for Winter’s story. I like the inclusion of her character, but I liked it when she was just a side character, like how Iko resembles the story of The Little Mermaid without being as fully developed as the other fairytale-inspired characters. Winter as her own story didn’t quite click. It seemed a little too forced in a novel with an already busy plot.

And I hated her relationship with Jacin. I hated Jacin’s character on his own, and I hated his character as a love interest for Winter. He was so controlling and overprotective. And they were both selfish, unwilling to help others for the sake of each other. It drove me mad (no pun intended). I did not feel any chemistry there, and I did not see the point of there having to be another relationship. I would have much rather have seen Jacin be a female and act as Winter’s best friend. I think it would have been more dynamic and a better twist on the original story.

– It was very similar to Mockingjay. Maybe it’s because Mockingjay – Part 2 recently came out, but most of this book seemed strangely familiar.

This story made me sob. I actually started sobbing, and it was at something that wasn’t even sad.

I’m confused why the Lunars didn’t recognize Cinder. The book talks about how much she looked like her mother, yet nobody recognized her except for Levana.

On that note, WHO IS CINDER’S FATHER? I thought for sure we would find this out, but it was never mentioned. There is either a plot hole there or something that Marissa Meyer is keeping tucked away. I hope it’s included in Stars Above.

– Look at this beautiful fanart! (Not from me, but from Tumblr.) I had a hard time imagining what Winter looked like but this is so captivating.

My overall thought was that Winter was an excellent conclusion, but it wasn’t completely perfect. I’m still sad it’s over, and I’m aching for Stars Above. And a film adaptation. Please let there be a film adaptation.

Rating: 4/5 stars.
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