in which I apologize for grad school eating my life and soul.

You guys, I’ve missed you! So much. You don’t even know.

I’ve been gone for the past two weeks. I’ve wanted to post, I really have. I scribbled a few drafts down. But this semester is uncommonly tough and I’m literally doing homework from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. And I’m still behind!

And all of my somewhat-spare moments have gone to the job search. I graduate after the Spring semester and have no idea what I’ll be doing afterwards, so I’m a bit desperate to find something. Missouri S&T has a huge job fair every semester that Deacon and I went to yesterday, but I didn’t have much luck. There were over 300 companies there, but most of them were after engineering majors. Only four of them were looking for technical writers, and none of them seemed very interested in me.

But it’s still really early, so I’m confident something will come up in the near future.
(In other news, Deacon did really well at the job fair.)

We’re in week 5 of the semester right now, and after my eight-week course ends, I’ll hopefully have more spare time. So don’t forget about me, okay? I promise that I’ll come back soon.

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