Jeremiah & Mikayla // Wedding, Part 1

Apparently January has basically come and gone and I’m surprised none of you have alerted the authorities about my strange disappearance in blogland. I won’t hold it against you, though. You all were just holding on to hope of my return, right?

School started up last week and I am now teaching my own class as well as taking three other classes, which has basically eaten up all my time. The piles of dishes and dirty laundry in my apartment do not like me for it. I sense they are planning to revolt soon.

So my apologies that I have not been able to post these photos any sooner. I am working on them, I assure you! I took a lot of group pictures, which take a long time to edit and pick the best shot, and I generally don’t post group photos on the blog so you will never see all that work. But here are some pre-wedding photos from Jeremiah and Mikayla’s beautiful wedding. Hope you like them!

For some reason, my pictures are still doing a weird thing whenever I export them. In some of the photos, the clarity seems to disappear. I’m not sure why Lightroom has started doing this but I’m going to get to the bottom of it. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.)



















Hope you guys are having a great time in 2015. =)

(P.S. You can see the sneak peek photos here if you missed them before.)


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  1. Optimistic Existentialist
    February 5, 2015

    This really looks like it was an amazingly beautiful day full of love!!


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