Mid-July Updates


1) We got a dog!

And that’s pretty much all that’s been happening because dogs are time-consuming. I’m not complaining, though. Rex is the sweetest thing in the world and has brought us so much joy.
Also, he has survived longer than six days so he’s the current record-holder for longest living addition to our family. (RIP Chewbacca.)

2) I am in the process of editing / finishing my first draft of the story I started for NaNoWriMo last year. It’s going really slowly and my writing is terrible and I’m going to have to rewrite pretty much everything I have written and then write at least another 50,000 to complete the draft.
3) My family visited us this weekend and brought my desk so now my office is nearly complete! Huzzah! Expect pictures soon.

4) I redesigned some of my blog yesterday and I think I’ve finally got it where I like it. I’m sorry if my header has been different every time you visit. It should stay how it is now for awhile, I hope.

5) Our house is kind of rough and AC has been a major problem and the kitchen is gross and it has about a million problems with it, but it’s starting to grow on me. It’s right next to the park, which Rex loves, and when he’s good we run through a section I call Bunnytown (to the left of the tree of the picture at the top) so he can chase all the rabbits.

6) I had to spend the 4th of July by myself here in Rolla (with Rex) and it was the first time that I’ve ever not been home during the Fourth. And even though I really don’t care much for that holiday, I never realized how much I would miss being home with my family. But Mum made me tea when she came to visit last weekend and it made everything a little better.

7) I spent a long time writing this post about shutter speed and NOBODY READ IT so please give it a look if you’re a photography newbie. =) Also tell me if there is anything photography or editing-related that you would like to see more posts over. I want to start doing some tutorials like I used to.


and we have nothing planned but Amazon’s Prime Day is on Wednesday so we’ll probably buy gifts then. We were going to go somewhere originally, but then we got Rex and he can’t really be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. He’s not used to it yet.
But in a way, Rex was kind of our anniversary gift to each other. He’s like our baby.

1) I want to read Les Miserables but it’s so huge and terrifying. Can anyone out there give me a pep talk?

2) I’m a terrible writer and I know this but I need volunteers to read through drafts of my WIP so I can gauge just how much it sucks. PLEASE.

3) I’m so tired of seeing so many judgmental and hypocritical Christians. It brakes my heart and infuriates me all at once. I’m sick of hearing them look down on someone else. I’m tired of them feeling like their sins are less severe than everyone else. I’m just so tired of all of it.

4) That said, I’m not tired of Christianity. Don’t get the wrong idea. It’s just that everywhere I turn, it’s not being represented the way it should be.

5) Also, I don’t usually unfriend or unfollow people that I disagree with. I can see why someone would do that and that’s fine, I just typically don’t.

6) Deacon and I had an interesting conversation the other day about the legalization of polygamy. I can kind of see the argument for it, but ultimately I don’t think it will become a major issue because 1) There’s not a huge group of people pushing for it and 2) We would have to rethink and restructure so many things about our culture and lifestyle.

7) I read this poem the other day and it’s been in the back of my mind all week.

Seriously, like 1/4 of the bloggers I follow and about 1/3 of my Facebook feed is just of swollen bellies and ultrasound pictures.

tv shows:
Dance Moms
Jurassic World (loved it)
Inside Out (loved it)
Bride Flight (liked it)
Diana (tolerable)
Blue is the Warmest Color (I only watched the first 20 minutes. It was really good but the sex scenes were too graphic for me. Maybe I’ll finish it some other time.)
Les Miserables (2012 version – rewatch – loooove it!)
1984 (liked it)
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (liked it)
Cinder (loved it)
Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Rift (liked it)
currently reading: The Sea of Monsters and Scarlet (both going slowly)

Should I watch season four of Downton Abbey? IS IT WORTH THE PAIN? Which is your favorite Percy Jackson book? What have your favorite summer movies been? Also, let me know if you have any ideas for photography or editing posts. =)



  1. Emily Seals
    July 14, 2015

    IT WAS! But I mean, when does Pixar ever disappoint?

  2. Katie Wilson
    July 15, 2015

    Congrats on your anniversary! And a fur child! I may get a rude awakening when I actually have my human child, but I swear I've turned my dog into a child, cuddles, sass, and all haha.

  3. Rosie Overstreet
    July 17, 2015

    HEY HI HELLO! First time on your blog! 🙂
    Props to you for not giving up on your NaNo story. I tried NaNo last November and I'm STILL struggling with writing. I write a paragraph or two maybe once a month. ACK. Not getting very far. Also SUCH A CUTE PUPPY. I love dogs, but I just don't have the time for them with how much I work 🙁
    Happy day-before-your-anniversary! I hope it is a wonderful day filled with memories of your special day!
    UGH, girl I feel you on #3 of your thoughts. It honestly sucks.
    And lol I feel like like everyone I know is getting pregnant too! Or, they just had a kid. I'm getting baby fever REALLY badly though. >.<
    Thank you so much for stopping by Rosie Reads, by the way! I hope you have an awesome weekend! 😀


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