Mid-March Updates

You guys, I have missed you all so much! *gives you all a big virtual hug*
I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in over two weeks. It has been pretty busy with midterms. BUT Spring Break is on the horizon. Yay!
1) This weekend, I stayed home to write a 15-page paper. Deacon went back to our hometown, and on his way back yesterday, his car broke down. And he didn’t have cell phone service. By some miracle, a tow truck happened to drive by and was able to bring him back to Rolla. But remember when I told you that the driver’s seat in my car was really, really broken? Okay, so Deacon finally got the seat to lock into place, but in a position too far back for me to drive. He was going to drive it to school today and take it to get fixed tomorrow. So this morning, we get in the car, ready to go to school, and the car will not start. Battery is dead. And apparently my car has some fancy European battery, so it will be awhile before we are able to get it fixed. We were able to get a ride to school, but had to walk home because Deacon doesn’t get out of class until 5:00.
But thankfully the weather was really, really nice today.
2) I wrote about half of a post about all the weird plot holes in Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast, but abandoned it because Buzzfeed already did a pretty good article about it last year.
Super excited. I need a good break.
4) Our apartment has been overrun with house centipedes for the last few days and it’s disgusting and creeping me out.
5) I have become a nerdfighter.
6) This cover has been stuck in my head for nearly a solid month, even though I don’t care for the original version:
1) Dresses are way more comfortable than I remember. So I’ve been wearing more of them lately.
2) I wish I could remember American Sign Language. I took two semesters of it a few years ago, but almost nothing has been retained.
3) Are all dichotomies false dichotomies?
tv shows:
As you know, I finished Gilmore Girls. I liked the ending at first, then the more I thought about the more I didn’t like it at all.
Then I had about a solid week where I did nothing but watch Youtube videos, primarily vlogbrothers.
I tried watching How I Met Your Mother. Eh.
This weekend, I discovered Switched at Birth. I managed to write my 15-page paper and watch 18 episodes in three days.
In Time (great concept, bad movie)
Nightcrawler (I loved it, but everyone else I know did not)
The Theory of Everything (good, but not what I expected)
currently halfway through Gone Girl AND LOVING IT.
Possible books for Spring Break: Paper Towns by John Green and The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro 
possibly I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg
How has your March been? 
currently listening to: Bravado by Lorde

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  1. Cait @ Paper Fury
    March 18, 2015

    I love John Green! And Paper Towns! AND DFTBA. HUZZAH! 😉 Their vlogs are hilarious and entertaining and informative, which is basically perfection, imho.

    I just read that buzzfeed post too and woah, um, yeah, some big plot holes. 0_0 I wonder if the new live-action Beauty and the Beast will fix them?? (I would still be so interested in your article. XD)

    I watched one episode of Switched at Birth for research for a deaf character I was writing. It was pretty entertaining but WOAH Americans can be so rich. #mindblown haha. I'm currently watching Agent Carter which is awesome. xD


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