Mid(ish)-June Updates

1) I have almost caught all 150 Pokemon on my Yellow version.
2) This is because Deacon and I were told we would be moving either Sunday, May 31st or Monday, June 1st. After getting the call, we would have 24 hours to move out of our apartment and into our house. We spent all day Saturday packing all of our belongings into boxes.
3) We didn’t get the call to move until last Friday, June 5th. So we had to go a week with all of our things in boxes and no internet. 
4) We are now in our new house and there are still a lot of things to be done before we can get settled, but at least we’re here. 
5) I’ve been listening to Mumford and Son’s new album a lot recently and one of my favorite songs on it is “Snake Eyes” but there is a part at 2:20 WHERE THE MUSIC MAKES THE SAME SOUND AS THE ALARM ON MY PHONE and it always messes with me
6) Deacon started reading a novel (The Martian by Andy Weir) for the first time during our whole relationship and I’m really stoked about it. He’s almost finished with it already.
Update: HE HAS FINISHED and gives it “at least four stars.”
7) Deacon and I are on the hunt for a dog. (NOT TO KILL FOR DINNER. TO LOVE FOREVER AND ENSLAVE OUR SOULS TO.) But it has to be at least a year old, less than 45 pounds, and hypoallergenic.
8) We were eating lunch at Wendy’s two days ago and I was wearing an old shirt from church camp because we haven’t been able to do laundry in awhile. I had just sat down to eat when I felt hands on my back. I assumed it was someone who knew me (even though I really don’t know that many people in Rolla), but the person remained standing behind me (afterwards I saw she was an elderly lady). She put both hands on my shoulders, then started reading the bible verse on the back of my shirt. But she wasn’t just reading it normally–it sounded really loud, like she was chanting it for those around her to hear. I could not see who she was because she was holding me in place and I had no idea what to do. Then she finished and said something like, “And to that, I say Glory Hallelujah Amen!” and I just kinda smiled and said, “Thank you” because I’m an introvert and was a bit traumatized by the whole thing.
I’m never wearing that shirt in public again.
9) Even though I’ve been blogging for years, I’m not at all savvy with coding or customizing a template. I’ve been wanting to put social media buttons in my sidebar for a long time, but every time I’ve tried it has gone horribly wrong. But today I followed this walkthrough and it worked really well. =) Hope you guys like them and let me know (gently) if there is anything that needs fixed with them.
10) My mother, my sister, and I all currently have the same haircut.
Also this happened:

.@m_abs All these people saying they never got their Hogwarts letter: you got the letter. You went to Hogwarts. We were all there together.

— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) June 7, 2015

.@m_abs Of course it happened inside your head, but why on earth should that mean it wasn’t real?

— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) June 7, 2015

1) I see nothing morally or ethically wrong with transgenderism. 
People say, “It’s wrong because God didn’t make a mistake.” I think that’s the wrong mindset. We live in a world tainted by sin. Babies are born every day with diseases, tumors, brain damage, cleft pallets, disfigurements, and a dozen other ailments. When that happens, nobody objects when the doctors want to perform an operation to set things right. They don’t say, “No, keep the organs on the outside of my baby’s body–God doesn’t make mistakes!” No. Instead, they say, “Thank God that He has given us the means and resources to set this right.”
People are afraid of things that are different from what they know. Instead of automatically rejecting something we are unfamiliar with, we need to educate ourselves about it first.
2) I recently read this interview with Neil Gaiman and Kazuo Ishiguro about genre and it was really interesting. Why do books even need genre?
“Stories are long-lived organisms. They’re bigger and older than we are.” – Neil Gaiman
3) I may have turned into a Zuko/Suki shipper after reading The Promise.
I know, I can’t believe it either. *HIDES FACE IN SHAME*
How can you not ship this? Suki & Zuko in 'The Promise.'
Okay, so I just started 1984 and realized that there is this trend with all novels about dystopias. The society/government system is supposed to be perfect, but is actually very, very bad. The MC is typically the only one (or at least the first) who is willing to fight against it. But I want the other side of the story. I want a MC who is part of the problem, but doesn’t realize it.
(this was one of my goals when writing my last NaNo novel, but I’m not sure I captured it completely)
tv shows:
Downton Abbey (currently in season 3)
Poltergeist (2015) (it was okay)
San Andreas (really liked it)
anticipating Jurassic World, which comes out this Friday.
finished Avatar The Last Airbender – The Promise
currently reading 1984
next up: probably Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief 
Also if you have opinions over Percy Jackson because I’m really only going to read it because I told Deacon that I would. And tell me your opinions over transgenderism. And dystopias. And any tips for introducing a dog into your family. Basically if I made any impression on you during this post, let me know. =)
currently listening to: Trees by Twenty One Pilots


  1. Lulu
    June 11, 2015

    Your views on transgenderism are really refreshing. Most religious people I know or have seen commenting online just get hateful about the subject.

  2. Hannah
    June 12, 2015

    I just finished listening to Snakes Eyes for the first time, as I never got around to listening to Mumford and Sons, but I like the vibe!

    That tweet by J.K. Rolling literally brought tears to my eyes! I can't believe I didn't go on Twitter that day…

    Transgenderism… I haven't thought/prayed about it enough to form a Biblical opinion, and whereas I do not think that those who pursue it are worse sinners than those who disrespect their parents, I do not think that it is Biblical nor supportive of God's way of sexual relations between a man and a woman. Your illustration sounds convincing until you realize that now we can do so many things medically. If I don't like my nose, why can't I just change it? More boobs, sure. But that's not how God made me, and altering His masterpiece is like drawing with crayons over a Degas. Please don't take this offensively, but I just wanted to express that thought. I applaud you for treading upon this controversial topic.

  3. Winnie Gallaher
    June 12, 2015

    You always amaze me

  4. Emily Seals
    June 16, 2015

    It makes me so sad to see people that I look up to spread such hate on the internet. I don't get it. It doesn't do any good for anybody.

  5. Emily Seals
    June 16, 2015

    The new Mumford & Sons album is pretty different from their other two, but I think it's still good. =) You should definitely check out their older stuff, though!

    It brought tears to my eyes too, even after rereading it! She's such a loving and thoughtful author. You get the feeling that she really cares about her fans and what she has done for them.

    Transgenderism can be a tricky subject and it's okay to disagree. =) I've thought about your point with altering one's appearance, but I don't think it's quite a fair comparison. Transgender people don't simply dislike one part of themselves. They feel trapped in a body that is not their own. It affects everything about their life every minute of the day. I can't even begin to image what that must be like.

  6. Emily Seals
    June 16, 2015

    Thanks mama. =)


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