Namesake & Earth Day

I was going through my archives earlier because Facebook informed me that it has been a year since I posted my notorious A Thought on Disney’s Frozen post.
And then I got looking through my “verse” label, because I haven’t written any kind of poetry since October and I kind of miss it. It used to come so naturally so me, almost on a daily basis. That muse has left her station, though. She only calls from across the room every few months now.
But anyway, I came across the poem that I think I kind of unconsciously / maybe-consciously-but-later-forgotten-about renamed my blog after:
I’ve realized that we want to stand out and blend in
when convenient for us,
but the timing is never quite right.
Someone is always left empty-handed,
walking the aisles of mixed or missed items,
drawing circles in the margins of masterpieces.
Full post can be seen here.
In other news, it is Earth Day!
I really enjoy blogging on Earth Day, though I have no substantial reason. It just feels sort of natural. But today I’m under too much pressure to give you anything of substance. The homework and grading is piling up, the hours spent sleeping are dwindling, I have to scrape the words out of my brain with uneven fingernails. It’s a mess.
But the semester will be over soon.
Things always seem to get worse before they get better.
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