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I’ve been able to read a bit more now that school is out. I wasn’t going to write a review over either of these, though, because I didn’t think many people would be interested. But then I thought about it again and figured I might as well do a mini-review over them.

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro
I had high expectations for this book because it’s by the same author that wrote Never Let Me Go. This book is a little older, published in 1989, and it won the Booker Prize and was made into a movie starring Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins. 
That said, I had never heard anything about it.
I liked it quite a bit, and even though it was relatively short, I think it would bore some readers, especially fans of YA, fantasy, or adventure novels. There’s really not much of a plot to the story; instead, it centers around the memories of the MC. 
It was beautifully written. There were little idiosyncratic details about the characters that Kazuo writes in a way that I’ve never seen another author do. He captures human nature, what it’s like to be awkward or not know what to say, or get to the end of your life and realize that you missed your chance in something.
It also made me start watching Downton Abbey.
I will say the first half went a little bit faster than the last half, but the ending was perfect and beautiful and heartbreaking and insightful all in one. So yes, I really enjoyed it. But if you asked me whether you should read this or Never Let Me Go, I would tell you Never Let Me Go.
Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise
 My problem with this book is that I read The Search first. The Promise was written first and the events take place before The Search.

It was not bad. But it was not as seamless as The Search. The artwork was great, but not as utterly breathtaking as in The Search. The story was good, but there were a lot of little pointless subplots that I did not care for.
That said, it had Toph, which was something that was desperately missing from The Search. Everyone loves Toph! And we get to see her start her metalbending academy!
And though the story wasn’t as exciting, it was interesting, especially in terms of seeing how Republic City from Legend of Korra came into existence. In the original series, the two nations are very divided and prejudiced against each other, but most of these boundaries are faded by the time we see The Legend of Korra. The Promise helps bridge that gap. It was fun to explore the first mixed nation family, how an Earthbender could still be a member of the Fire nation. 
Overall, it was good, but would only be really interesting for a hardcore Avatar/Korra fan. You would not miss a whole lot if you skipped this and went straight to The Search. But if you are going to read it, read it before any of the others.
Also, it turned me into a Suki/Zuko shipper.

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