Top 15 Characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

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The Avatar universe has a surprisingly vast amount of characters, especially for shows aimed at children. And even though there are a lot of characters, it’s not one of those shows where only the main ones are cool and everyone else is lame. No. They’re all wonderful.
So, naturally, I decided to rank my top 15.

15) Suyin and Lin
I had to make this one a tie because I couldn’t just pick one. Plus, they’re sisters, so I thought it was appropriate. Let me just say that I love that even though these ladies are middle-aged, they are still fierce and fearless and awesome.


14) Ty Lee
I have such a thing for Ty Lee and I really wish she was in more episodes. She’s so sweet and bubbly but can also take you down in like two seconds, which is even more amazing when you think about her being a nonbender. I’m all for nonbenders having sweet fighting moves.


13) Korra
I know, I also feel like Korra should be higher on this list. Don’t get me wrong. Korra is amazing. There are just so many other characters that I like. And really, Korra kinda had a major attitude problem for the first three books. But I did love seeing her character develop.


12) Aang
I mean, he’s Aang. Enough said?


11) Katara
Even though she gets on my nerves a lot of the time, she’s still great and I love seeing her waterbend.


10) Asami
Asami is underrated. I often do not give her enough credit, but if you think about it, she’s an incredible woman. She’s gorgeous, but also intelligent. She’s an engineer. She’s a nonbender. She’s a fighter. She’s brave, even after she’s lost everything. I’m glad that she gets a happy ending. No one is more deserving.


9) Mako
I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit biased, but yes, I’m a huge Mako fan. Even when he was terrible in the first two seasons. I just love him.


8) Suki
Suki is the embodiment of girl power. That is all.


7) Iroh
He’s like the Mr. Feeney of the Avatar world, except funnier and with more tea.
And he often makes me cry.


6) Bolin
Bolin really grew on me in the third and fourth books of Korra. I love that he found lavabending and convinced the others to save Zhu Li. He started out just as a comic relief character, but he grew up a lot over the course of the series.


5) Toph
Epic. Toph is epic. I can’t even words.
She’s blind. She’s snarky. She invented metalbending when she was twelve years old. She birthed the Beifongs.
She’s the greatest Earthbender of all time.


4) Avatar Kyoshi 
Before Toph and Suki, there was Avatar Kyoshi. And she was the fiercest one of all.


3) Azula
Azula is quite possibly my favorite villain of all time. She’s so powerful and callous and manipulative and sly and strategic. Also stupid impressive firebender, which I love.


2) Jinora
See here.


1) Zuko
Ah, Zuko. *sigh*
You make my heart happy.


Honorable mentions:
Appa, Momo, Pabu, Naga
(Especially Momo.) 
pabu and naga :D They remind me of Appa and Momo
Appa - avatar-the-last-airbender Screencap

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