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Okay, I wasn’t tagged for this but the questions were good so I thought I’d snag it. And since I wasn’t tagged, I don’t feel obligated to tag anyone else, mostly because I hate tagging people in things.

1. A popular book/series you disliked.

2. A book/series you like but everyone ELSE hates.

3. A love triangle where the main character ended up with the wrong person, or an OTP you don’t like.
Okay, the only one I can think of where the character totally ended up with the wrong person is in the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe, which doesn’t really apply here. Also Harry and Ginny, but I never really shipped Harry with anyone else. BUT there are a few couples that I shipped hard and it didn’t quite turn out the way it was supposed to, so I’ll talk about them, but I must split this into two sections.

First, books where my OTP finally did get together but the journey there was long and painful, and the time they finally had together was much too short:

Second, the books where two characters clearly belonged with each other but missed their chance or something stood in their way and they never actually ended up together:

4. A popular genre you don’t read much.
Fantasy. Paranormal. Sci-Fi. Historical Fiction. Comedy.
Apparently I only read contemporary and dystopian things.

5. A popular character you don’t like.

TO CLARIFY: It’s not that I don’t like Sirius, it’s just that I don’t have any type of feeling or connection towards him.

6. A popular author you can’t seem to get into.
Maggie Stiefvater. Gayle Forman. Nicholas Sparks.

7. A popular trope you’re tired of seeing.
Characters training for battle. Characters kept in the dark about everything for no reason at all.
I’m looking at you, Hunger Games.

The scene where Katniss shoots the hologram is a reenactment of when Marvel threw a spear at Rue, then Katniss killed Marvel. | WUT.

8. A popular series you have no interest in reading.

9. The book is not always better than the movie.
I actually know a few movies that were so much like the book that that they were pretty much better (GONE GIRL. ATONEMENT. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE), but the one movie that surpassed the book outstandingly was Stardust.

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  1. Aimee @ Deadly Darlings
    June 11, 2015

    Gah, of course people read your blog! I'm a new reader (I discovered your blog via Paper Fury), but I'll definitely be an active reader. 😉

    I'm with you on Shiver! I actually DNFed the first book because the heroine (and the extremely boring hero) was getting on my nerves. I didn't *love* Twilight, but I didn't hate it, so that's a good thing, right? 🙂

    WHAT. Okay I get that everyone shipped Katara/Zukko (I assume that's the ship you're rooting for), but Katara/Aang for the win for me. I was happy with how the series ended, haha. ;)I'm wit you on Harry/Ginny though.

    I actually like characters who train for battle (*hugs The Hunger Games*) but I agree with you on characters being kept in the dark. It seems like a really lazy way to skip all the explaining the author SHOULD be doing.

    I have read all the popular series you have no interest in reading, haha. The first three TMI books were great, but 4-5 were horrid so I never read the sixth. I liked Beautiful Creatures a lot since it was one of my gateway books to YA gothic romance. 😉 I HATED Throne of Glass but the sequels were fantastic!

    Thanks for sharing, Emily! Sorry for the crazy-long comment…

    Aimee @ Deadly Darlings

  2. Emily Seals
    June 11, 2015

    Don't be sorry for the crazy-long comment! And thanks for reading!

    I definitely loved Twilight a lot more when I first read it in high school. I reread it last year and felt like I was perpetually rolling my eyes. Still, it holds some sort of special place in my heart.

    Katara and Zuko all the way…though I'll admit that Katara and Aang are okay. I also shipped Korra and Mako in The Legend of Korra. MY SHIPS NEVER SAIL.

    I love The Hunger Games, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't change a thing about it. It's just that the same sequences are now so common in every other story that I'm bored to death.

    I've heard a lot of great things about the Throne of Glass series, but it just does not look like something I'd be interested in. Maybe I'm outgrowing YA. *sobs*


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