we now have a dog.

Deacon and I have been wanting a dog for awhile. It’s pretty much why we moved out of our no-pets apartment and into this less-than-desirable house. And even after the move, the dog we chose had to be at least a year old and no more than 45 pounds, and preferably hypoallergenic. We started searching online for the perfect fit two months ago, but had little luck.

Then, we found the perfect dog at a shelter in Kansas City.

We applied and got the landlord’s approval, but we could not contact the shelter to set up a visit day. They had a phone number, but only had a recording and did not take messages. We tried emailing them, but never received a response.

So we decided to take a trip there.

We left from out hometown and headed to Kansas City Sunday morning. It was about 5 hours to get there, then 3 1/3 hours back to Rolla.

The dog we went there for was on hold for somebody else.

We were bummed, but asked if we could see some of the other dogs that were available. The girl working there brought out Rex. It wasn’t instalove. He pretty much ignored us at first. But then, while I was hunched over, he put his paws on my knees and wanted me to pet him.


We walked him around outside for awhile and decided that he was the right one by the time we got back inside.

He is seven years old, 30 pounds, and the sweetest, most lovable dog I have ever met in my life. Seriously. He isn’t exactly the type of dog we pictured ourselves having, but we didn’t know we wanted him until we met him. I wouldn’t have it any other way now.


15 Facts About Rex:

  • He used to be a service dog (but we don’t know when, for how long, or what he did).
  • His birthday is June 18th. (Which is magical because Deacon’s is April 18th, mine is May 18th, and our wedding anniversary is July 18th.)
  • He loves snuggles all day every day.
  • He nuzzles your hand when he wants you to keep petting him.
    (favorite spots: head, butt, under the collar, and belly)
  • He is ridiculously well-mannered.
  • He likes car rides and will sit in the passenger seat the entire time.
  • He has not had any accidents in the house yet.
  • He does not do well with children or other dogs, but he rarely barks at anything.
  • He likes to play tug of war.
  • He walks with a limp. We went to the vet to check this out and he thinks it’s because his front left leg doesn’t stand straight, but is kind of blow-legged. 
  • He gets more excited for going on walks than he does for food.
  • He did not complain whenever we introduced kibble into his all-raw diet.
  • He likes to lay on his side with his head on you.
  • The people at the shelter thought he was probably part corgi and part shepherd, but I think he looks more of a cross between an American Dingo (or Carolina Dog) and Scrappy Doo.
  • His bio said that he likes chasing squirrels, but he really couldn’t care less about them.

He had been at the shelter for six months, which I could not believe because he’s such a wonderful dog. The girl working there said she thought it was because he looks a lot bigger in pictures than he actually is. He’s actually pretty small and has really short legs, which is why they thought Rex was a fitting name for him.

Also, he wags his tail whenever you talk to him:

He’s already pretty attached to me and Deacon (he sits at the door whenever one of us leaves), and we’re pretty attached to him, too. I’m looking forward to having him in our home. =)

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