10 Reasons Why You Should Read The Lunar Chronicles

I know that the Lunar Chronicles are a big thing in the book blogosphere, and maybe elsewhere in the world, but it seems like they’re not as popular as they need to be, at least where I live. And when they are read, they seem to only be read by females (which I think is due in part to the covers).

Also my sister refuses to read them, so I’ve decided to be as persuasive as possible with a very thorough, scientific, totally-not-biased-in-any-way list.
Okay, there may be some bias. Nobody’s perfect. 
(Except Marissa Meyer, obviously.) 

1) Cinderella is a CYBORG.
Look, I’m not the biggest Cinderella fan. Like, she’s okay, and I’ll admit that I completely freaked last year when I met her at Disney World, but we’ve heard her story a million times. We don’t need another retelling. Right?

WRONG. You need this story in your life, trust me. I mean, she’s a cyborg. It’s ridiculously awesome and gritty and empowering. Such a cool, dynamic twist. I can’t even words.

2) It has so much diversity.
So, Cinder is a cyborg, and there’s this huge prejudice against people like her, so we get to experience that. But the diversity doesn’t stop there. She and Kai (and basically everyone in the first book) are from New Beijing in the Eastern Commonwealth, which is essentially Asia. Scarlet is from France. Thorne is pretty much the only American. Winter is Black and Indian, and also Lunar. That’s another thing–there’s a whole other race of people living on the moon, called Lunars. Several of the characters are Lunar, including the evil Queen Levana.

3) The audiobooks are terrific.
I listened to all the books (including the spin-offs) on audio, and they were absolutely terrific. The narrator, Rebecca Soler, is amazing. The last book is pretty huge, but it went by so fast on audio. I never wanted to stop listening.

4) It’s funny.
Thorne is hilarious. His lines always make me laugh out loud, and scenes with him and Cinder are always the best. Their banter and wit kill me.

5) It’s intense.
Some scenes are pretty tense. It never gets too graphic or gruesome, but there’s some shock factor in every book of the series.

6) It’s science fiction.
Even though it’s based on fairy tales, it is not a fairy tale. It is not really fantasy. It is straight up science fiction. There is space travel and a terrible disease and mutant human/wolf creatures and all sorts of science fiction-y things. Normally that wouldn’t be a selling point for me but it was really a  nice touch with this series.

7) So many ships.
I mean, it is based on fairy tales. But the characters and relationships are so different that even if you aren’t rooting for everyone, you’ll probably be rooting for someone.

8) It is filled with strong female characters.
Four books, four main females. And they are all awesome! Cinder and Scarlet are pretty fierce, while Cress and Winter are softer, but they all have their own abilities. I never felt that any of the female characters were stereotyped or one-dimensional.

9) It is, at its core, a retelling of classic fairy tales.
And apparently people looove retellings because they are everywhere these days. Even though this series uses the original stories more subtly than most other retellings, the original themes are still there, and sometimes in fun ways (like Cress, as Rapunzel, is stranded on a satellite rather than in a tower).

10) It is wholly unique.
If you removed the fairytale-inspired story elements, I think that this series would still be amazing. The story and characters are so unique that it can hold its own. The underlying fairytale themes are just an added bonus, which is what all retellings should do. I get so angry with retellings that borrow too much from the source material. It feels like cheating. But Marissa Meyer creates her own setting and weaves the fairy tales into it.

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So, tell me: have you read The Lunar Chronicles? What did you think of it? What would you say to persuade my lovely sister to read it? Who was your favorite character/ship/book in the series?(CRESS + THORNE 4-EVER) Would you like to see a movie adaptation?

Also, be sure to check out my review of Cinder and my review of Winter in case you missed it.


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