I turned 23 yesterday! And I was determined to post this then but so many things happened and it didn’t happen. A few not-so-great things have gone down this week, but a lot of nice things have happened, too. I have no major complaints. A lot of people have sent me nice messages for my graduation and birthday and I feel pretty special. =)

Also my in-laws sent me an Amazon gift card so I went a little crazy and bought a couple things that have been sitting on my wishlist. Including new bands for my Fitbit, Frozen blu-ray, Fangirl (already read, but I didn’t have a physical copy!), Attachments, Dog Songs, and The Complete Persepolis. I also pre-ordered the new Avatar graphic novel, but that won’t be released until October! I’m sooo excited to read these books this summer.


And here’s a picture of my lovely husband and baby Rex just because. =)

And here is my “23 before 24” list!
I’ve never made a list like this before…the one I did last year was similar, but not quite the same thing.

  1. Get a full-time job that matches my qualifications. Hopefully soon. This is my current top priority, but I don’t want to just accept a job anywhere. I just worked hard for a master’s degree and I want to put it to use if possible.
  2. Set up a blogging schedule. It can be loose. Really, I want to blog at least once a week on a set day, with additional posts here and there. My idea is to blog every Wednesday, do Top Ten Tuesdays, and occasional book reviews on Sunday. Of course this is being posted on a Thursday, so I’m already off schedule.

  3. Stay healthy. I need to get back into walking, but also do other kinds of exercise. I need to build muscle! I want to lose some weight, but mostly I want to feel confident about myself.
  4. Study up on HTML and CSS. I took a class this semester that went over the basics, but I bought some workbooks in hopes to get more familiar with them.
  5. Develop my photography skills. I want to take more photos, and I want to get better at taking photos and editing them. I need more practice and tutorials.
  6. Create and maintain a budget. This one isn’t one I’m particularly looking forward to, but it’s one that really needs to happen. I’ll start paying back student loans this year and looking for jobs and it would be nice to have everything out in the open.
  7. Write regularly. Finish my three-part story and start a new one.
  8. Participate in NaNoWriMo in July and November. I’ve never done Camp NaNo before, but I’m kind of looking forward to it. And I’ve never done NaNo without being in school before, so I have no idea what that will be like.
  9. Decorate our house. I’ve been saying this for ages. Our house isn’t the nicest thing in the world, but I think a few more decorations will help lighten it up a bit.
  10. Play through Pokemon generations 4-7. Sun and Moon come out in November and I would really like to be caught up by then. I’m playing through Pearl right now.
  11. Learn how to curl my hair. I bought a curling iron and have tried so many times but can’t seem to get it. More practice, I think. And maybe a personal trainer.
  12. Stay positive. Say yes more often. Keep an open mind. Be approachable.

  13. Keep a journal. I’ve been so bad about this since going to college. But it helps me remember things and vent. I’ve tried to distance myself from social media lately (really, just Facebook) and guard what I put on the internet, so keeping a journal would be a good outlet for the rest.
  14. Save up and finally purchase a new camera. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I have a little pitiful bundle saved up, but I would love to do more photography and save up for a better camera. I’ve had my eye on the Canon 7D mark II for a long time now.

  15. Change my wardrobe. I started this process a few years ago, but I still have a lot of clothes that make me look like a teenager. I want to look more my age. I want to feel respected by people…and unfortunately, that rarely happens when I dress with my current wardrobe.
  16. Keep up with my bird log. I really want to learn names and calls of Missouri birds, so I’ve started keeping a log of all the unfamiliar ones I see so I can look them up later.
  17. Visit friends. My friends to be scattered across the state, but I would love to spend some time with them. I feel like I walled myself up a lot this year. I like being an introvert, but I need to balance it out.
  18. Travel with Deacon. We haven’t really gotten to have many adventures now that we have Rex, but I would love to take a road trip somewhere this year.
  19. Control my anxiety. I don’t really talk about this very often, I know, but it is something that affects me daily. My time at S&T helped because I was forced to be in situations where I worked with others, but it’s still a problem that I have to deal with on a daily basis, and it makes job hunting a nightmare.
  20. Learn how to speed read. I probably should have done this before going to college, but it’s never too late, right?
  21. Get our car situation figured out. Deacon and I have had car problems ever since we’ve gotten married and I’d really like to get that all taken care of.
  22. Cook. “Learn to cook” might be more accurate, but I still haven’t fully committed to that endeavor. I want to learn a few things, but I mostly want to feel more comfortable in the kitchen.
  23. Read all the books. I have a goal of 20 for the year that I’m approaching quickly. But really, I’d like to read 40 books between now and my next birthday.
Hope you guys have a great week! ALSO. I found out yesterday that Relient K is touring with Switchfoot AND THEY ARE COMING TO MY HOMETOWN (or close enough). Best. birthday. present. ever.

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