6th Blogiversary!

That feels like a long time for blogging, even if it went by relatively quickly.

I’ve been thinking a bit about my blog lately. Six years and what is there to show? Almost 700 posts, hours and hours of time put into it, and only a handful of subscribers. My views have gone up in the past few years, but they’re still pathetic compared to most blogs.

That’s on me, though.I’ve always taken blogging as a hobby. I’ve always said it’s about me, not the views. I know how to get more views. Post more often. Set up a strict schedule. Promote. Read and comment on other blogs.

I’ve never been too strict about it, though. Almost every day you see a popular blogger going on a “hiatus” or taking a break for awhile because it’s too much for them. I’ve always wanted to keep it as a hobby, and a hobby that I enjoy. So I post when I want and what I want. For awhile, I felt pressure to be strictly a photoblog or a book blog, to fit this little space in a box, but always decided against it. Because I have multiple interests, and my blog is a reflection of all of it.

So I’ve come to terms with not gaining a huge following. It is kind of disheartening, though, when I work hours on a post and only a few people read it. But either way, I try to consistently put out good content that I’m proud of.

This blog has come a long way. Margins used to be To Be Real. It used to be all about poetry and angsty letters to a boy that became my husband. (I keep the archives up but hate the thought of people actually going through them!) The design has changed a lot, but my HTML and CSS skills have not. I post less now than I used to, but I like to think I put more time into each post now than before. Despite not having a schedule, I’ve still managed to consistently post nearly every month since I started, except for the summer I got married and briefly after Christina Grimmie’s death. To be honest, her death made me not want to post anything ever again. But I think I have to blog. I have to have a place to put out content.

I’m not tired of blogging. I’m not sure if I ever will be. Even if I don’t get a lot of views or comments, I’m still happy to be here, and I’m happy that you’re here.

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How long have you been reading Margins (formerly To Be Real)? What brought you here? Are you more of a fan for the photos, books, poetry (ugh), or life updates? Let me know!
(I mean let’s be real though: we’re all just here for Rex.)

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