April Updates

I’m sorry that these monthly updates have turned into bi-monthly updates. I promise I’ll try to post more now that graduation is approaching.

I’ve been listening to podcasts. I’ve been interested in podcasts for awhile now because I’m relatively audio-oriented, but for some reason I assumed that subscriptions to podcasts cost money, like buying songs on iTunes. I recently found out that that’s not the case! So I’ve been listening to Sincast by CinemaSins and Dear Hank & John via Soundcloud, and will probably add more once I get into the swing of it.
I finally beat Red in HeartGold. It took me forever, but I finally made it through. I recently started playing Pearl, and hope to work my way through 5th and 6th gen before Sun and Moon come out.
We’ve had some family trouble. I’m not going to get into details but the last month was rough on both sides of our family.

I have a celebrity crush on Jared Leto. It came upon me suddenly one weekend. I know I’m late to this train, but I watched the documentary Artifact and realized that he is one of the most beautiful human beings ever. And I’m trying to get Deacon to pull off the cute little bun.

I took on more hours for technical editing in the Office of Graduate Studies. The main editor left for another job, so I got approval to work more hours in the meantime. Technical editing is a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I’m enjoying my time there. I’m still a GTA, so my schedule is a little intense, but it’s my last semester and I feel like it’s good preparation for life after graduation.
I passed my comprehensive exam! I studied literally the entire week of Spring Break. I had to read 30 articles/book chapters and 6 books, then I outlined each of them, made flashcards, and made my own practice test before taking the 4 1/2 hour test on Monday. And I absolutely killed it! Graduation feels super real now and I’m actually excited for it. =)
Sometimes I refuse to Google things because I’m afraid it will ruin my brain. And SciShow actually mentioned a few studies that confirm that constant access to information may be damaging our long-term memory.

I was called a “housewife” by an evangelist that came to my door the other day and it really bugged me for some reason. The whole thing was just a really awkward exchange. I think it was his first time evangelizing and he kept going on and on about everything he could think of, even though I told him at the beginning that I was already a believer. I also told him that I was a student. But as soon as he learned that I was married, he kept talking about infidelity and submitting to my husband and then he called me a housewife and it all just really rubbed me the wrong way. My marriage is a partnership. I’m not an inferior figure. I’m not a housewife. Deacon and I work equally hard, both in and out of school. I could rant more but I’ll spare you.

– As a sidenote, sometimes I forget that I’m married because being with Deacon seems so natural now.


I’m moving into the digital age. I’m the type of person who prefers to have physical copies of everything, but I bought an album on iTunes last week and realized how incredibly convenient cloud storage and online streaming is.
I’ve had a new story idea in my head for the past few weeks but wasn’t able to do Camp NaNo. So hopefully I’ll start writing more after graduation? It’s about Youtubers and dogs and social anxiety and dragons and a lot of pizza. My first contemporary, actually.

rex report
He’s doing pretty well. We finally found a few toys that he likes. The hedgehog is his favorite. He already tore one to pieces, and Walmart did not have any replacements (there are no pet stores in town!) so we had to order another one from Amazon.IMG_3692

tv shows
Big Bang Theory, season 7 (rewatch) and started season 8
(p.s. Deacon is Sheldon Cooper)

Downton Abbey, season 6 (about halfway through)

The Good Dinosaur (it was weird)
The Aviator (finally finished–it was…meh)
Artifact (liked it)
Zootopia (absolutely loved it)
Alexander (it was okay)
Pride & Prejudice (rewatch – love it)
Batman v Superman (meh)
The Danish Girl (it was okay)

Mad Max: Fury Road (I realize that it was probably a good movie but not my cup of tea)


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Fans of the Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa

currently reading: The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Tell me how your spring is going! Have you read The Winner’s Curse? Excited that the third book just came out? Did you love Zootopia? Is it sexist to assume someone is a housewife? DO YOU PLAY POKEMON? Let me know all of the things.
currently listening to: The Judge by Twenty One Pilots

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