books to get you in the Autumn mood.

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This TTT was hard because last year I did books to read for Halloween depending on your mood. I didn’t want to repeat any books for this list, so I’m going for books to get you in the autumn mood.

Something with an October/November Setting


October Sky // Homer Hickam. This was required reading at my high school and I really liked it. It’s a memoir about a group of kids from a mining town that learn math and physics in order to build rockets.

The Scorpio Races // Maggie Stiefvater. This one is set in November and totally has that autumn vibe. With November cakes!

Fangirl // Rainbow Rowell. This one isn’t exclusively set in November, but it really gives me that vibe and there’s a Thanksgiving scene. Plus it was written during NaNoWriMo so it’s totally a great pick for some encouragement/inspiration.

 Something Paranormal


The Graveyard Book // Neil Gaiman. A kid that is raised by ghosts in a graveyard! Perfect for a light Halloween read. 

Twilight // Stephenie Meyer. (Don’t judge me.) I think my favorite thing about Twilight is the setting. It’s so rainy and green and autumn-y. And there are vampires.

Something Brontë


Jane Eyre // Charlotte Brontë. Creepy sounds from the attic. Mysterious fires. Almost dying in the moors.  

Wuthering Heights // Emily Brontë. If you can get past the horribleness of this romance, the setting is pretty cool. 

Agnes Grey // Anne Brontë. This one is shorter, lighter, and a bit happier than the other two.

Something Lyrical


The Night Circus // Erin Morgenstern. You could (and should) read this any time of the year, but I read it in November and something about autumn really brings out my lyrical/poetry vibe, so the description in this was perfect. 

And We Stay // Jenny Hubbard. I didn’t really like this book, but it’s about poetry and I read it in November and the girl on the cover is wearing tights. So it’s worth a try.


So tell me! What books do you recommend this autumn? Do you prefer reading more scary books this time of year, or something more classic or lyrical?

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