I graduated today for the last time! (No, I’m not planning on a PhD!) I am now a Master of the Elements Science in technical communication. And I’m stealing photos from my parents because I was too exhausted to take real pictures with my camera.

So here’s a rundown of the day:

  • I had to wake up at the ungodly hour of 6:30 am. Hello, real world.
  • It was SO COLD. I had to park by my friend’s apartment and walk across campus to get there and it was freezing. I’m glad the actual ceremony was inside.
  • There was no instruction at all. We didn’t know where to go or anything. It was like the university said, “Well, if you’re smart enough to earn your degree, your smart enough to figure out graduation with zero instructions.”
  • Snehal and I did not know how to put on the hood. It’s confusing! And again, no instructions. We had to get someone to do it for us when we got there.
  • Either my hat was actually sized for elementary school children or I have an uncommonly big head.
  • It felt like I was being choked by the hood all throughout the ceremony. Who came up with graduation garb, anyway? What were they thinking?

  • I wish graduations were more like airbending anointment ceremonies.
  • Airbending master…Master of Science…it’s basically the same, right?
  • I got the worst headache during the ceremony that lasted pretty much all afternoon. And the same thing happened at my last graduation! But I wasn’t stressed or anything. I felt surprisingly relaxed.
  • I blame the tiny cap.
  • Also, the cap makes it look like I have a prominent widow’s peak, which just reminds me of Baz from Carry On. 
Carry On- It's a Simon Snow thing...BAZ:
  • Or, alternatively, airbending tattoos. (SEE IT’S MEANT TO BE)
  • Deacon couldn’t be there because he’s at competition with his design team, but his parents and my parents and sister all came!
  • Just like my last graduation, it was made apparent that I am shorter than everyone thinks I am.
  • I was more excited for this graduation than my last. When I got my Bachelor’s, a lot of  things were changing in my life and I was internally freaking out. I was dreading graduation. But today, I’m excited. I’m proud of myself. I feel like I accomplished something that was challenging and worthwhile. I’ve learned so many things and met so many different kinds of people. I never thought I would enjoy Rolla as much as I  have. I never thought I would enjoy teaching. Missouri S&T provided me with so many opportunities to build my knowledge and skills and I am so grateful, and confident that I will be able to put what I have learned to use wherever I end up.

  • That said, no jobs lined up yet. I’m staying in Rolla while Deacon finishes up his degrees and will be actively looking. I’m not too worried, though. A little anxious, but not worried.
  • It feels like literally everyone wants me to go for a PhD but I’m perfectly content where I am. Maybe someday. But I want to get out into the world first. I’ve practically been in school nonstop since kindergarten and really, really need a break for awhile.
  • I still have to master the other three elements, though. 
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